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You are covered for emergency road service throughout the United States and Canada. You are entitled to emergency towing service at no out-of-pocket cost for any two up to your benefit limit. Extended towing distance is available at your expense. You may have your flat tire changed with your inflated and functional spare tire.

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A service truck will deliver emergency supplies of gasoline, water, oil, or other necessary fluids. You pay only for the cost of the supplies at the time service is rendered. You are covered for battery boosts and minor adjustments to alternators, starters, etc. If keys are locked inside your registered vehicle, you will be assisted in gaining entry to the vehicle's passenger compartment only. You can also find Nisan finance options, Nissan service, auto repair, and access to Nissan parts and accessories you need for your vehicle.

If you're in the market for a new car, you can trust a Nissan vehicle.

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Be sure to take a look at what currently have to offer, and be sure to contact us with any questions. Of course, if a test drive is in order, we're more than happy to set one up at your convenience at our Nissan dealership near Staten Island, NY. We work tirelessly to maintain a selection of yesteryear's brightest Nissan vehicles, ensuring you drive off in a used car that saves you money and performs admirably, no matter where in the Avenel, NJ area to take it.

Before you can drive away in the vehicle that's perfect for your lifestyle, there's just a bit of paperwork. Whether your budget and your needs demand a lease or loan in Avenel, our expert team of financing experts can help you find a payment plan that works for you thanks to our everyday great prices and exciting new Nissan specials and used Nissan specials , financing your vehicle with us is fast and stress-free. Now, we can't overstate the importance of routine service when it comes to maintaining your car's overall health and peak performance. There's also no replacing the expert service and craftsmanship that you'll always enjoy at our Nissan service center in Avenel.

We're staffed by highly-skilled technicians that know all the ins and out of your car. We employ genuine parts and accessories along with cutting-edge maintenance equipment to perform essential car services like oil change, brake repair, tire rotation, check engine light diagnosis, state inspection and much more! What else does Sansone Nissan have to offer? Notwithstanding his acceptance of the arbitration decision and its accompanying terms, Fedor insisted he remained statutorily entitled to an award of attorney's fees. First he requested a fee-shifting hearing through defendant's Auto Line program, but defendant declined to participate.

Next, he sought judicial redress under his previously-filed complaint and the matter proceeded through non-binding, court-ordered arbitration, pursuant to Rule A—1. The arbitrator ruled in favor of defendant, finding fees were neither authorized under the informal dispute resolution program nor mandated as a matter of law.

Fedor filed a demand for trial de novo. Defendant moved for summary judgment, which was met by Fedor's cross-motion for statutory fees and costs pursuant to N. Following oral argument, the judge granted defendant's motion and denied Fedor's cross-motion. Fedor's subsequent request for reconsideration was denied. This appeal followed.

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The facts surrounding Ghandi's appeal are similar to those described with respect to Fedor's action. The warranty was identical to the warranty discussed above, including the provisions directing consumers to file claims with Auto Line. After he encountered various and recurring problems, which were not effectively repaired by defendant's authorized dealer, Ghandi filed a three-count Law Division complaint, raising the same causes of action asserted by Fedor.

Arbitration was conducted by Auto Line, and the arbitrator concluded Ghandi was entitled to a repurchase of his vehicle. Thereafter, Ghandi requested a fee-shifting hearing before the Auto Line arbitrator, which was declined. The matter returned to the Law Division and proceeded to non-binding court-ordered arbitration, pursuant to Rule A—1.

Defendant timely demanded a trial de novo, and subsequently moved for summary judgment. Ghandi opposed the motion and filed a cross-motion for statutory fees and costs pursuant to N. A different Law Division judge considered the arguments, granting defendant's motion and denying Ghandi's cross-motion. Ghandi's timely appeal ensued. Although Fedor's and Ghandi's actions are separate, they raise the same legal issues for our consideration. For ease in our discussion, we will refer to Fedor and Ghandi collectively as plaintiffs. On appeal, plaintiffs argue the trial judge erred in granting summary judgment.

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  • In reviewing a grant of summary judgment, we apply the same standard as the motion judge. EMC Mortg. Chaudhri, N. Nowell Amoroso, P. We first determine whether the moving party has demonstrated there were no genuine disputes as to material facts.

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    Hillside Bottling Co. Guardian Life Ins. See also R. In doing so, we owe no deference to the motion judge's conclusions on legal issues, which we review de novo. Honda Motor Co. See also Poli v. DaimlerChrysler Corp. For example, suppliers who choose to issue an optional written warranty must provide the promised repairs within a reasonable time and without charge, replace the car, or provide a refund. See also Ryan, supra, N.

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    The statute also provides a cause of action and legal remedy for consumers harmed by a warrantor's failure to comply with its warranty obligations. See also Poli, supra, N. The Magnuson—Moss Act apparently was not successful in resolving consumer disputes regarding chronically defective automobiles.

    Consequently, many states enacted legislation to address perceived problems. New Jersey's Lemon Law establishes the rights and duties of manufacturers, dealers, and consumers regarding the repair and return of defective motor vehicles. To effectuate these objectives, the statute imposes an affirmative obligation upon the vehicle manufacturer to repair substantial defects within a reasonable time. See also DiVigenze v. Chrysler Corp. The manufacturer may offer to replace the vehicle in lieu of a refund, but the consumer is free to reject such offer and demand a refund. The vast majority of Lemon Law litigation relates to alleged non-compliance with these requirements. To assert a claim under the Lemon Law, a plaintiff must report the claimed motor vehicle nonconformity to the manufacturer or its dealer within the earlier of the first 24, miles of operation or two years following the date of delivery of the vehicle.

    See N. Plaintiffs' appeals also require review of the treatment of informal dispute settlement mechanisms, addressed in both the Magnuson—Moss Act and the Lemon Law. Further, we consider the statutory provisions regarding an award of counsel fees to a successful claimant. The procedures for participation in an informal dispute settlement mechanism must be set forth in the written consumer warranty and comply with requirements promulgated by the FTC.

    We note Auto Line is an example of such a mechanism organized in compliance with these FTC procedures. Thus, an aggrieved consumer may file an action in state court to recover damages for failure to comply with the Magnuson—Moss Act or the terms of the written warranty.

    Rule governs the mechanism procedures to be followed as well as the procedures utilized when a settlement is not reached.