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Besides this and the registration licence, there are no other ways of identifying a stolen trailer or caravan. The application of microdots makes it easier to identify stolen trailers once they have been recovered and is legally a means of identification. Thieves find it impossible to remove all the microdots that have been applied to the trailer in strategic positions.

Record your trailer information. Take pictures of your trailer and file it together with other relevant information somewhere safe. The DataDot App , which can be downloaded for free on Google Play or the Apple Store, allows the owner of a trailer to create a register of information pertaining to assets. Store your trailer in a safe place. Ensure you have a safe place to store your trailer and that there is sufficient lighting at night. You may even decide to make use of a security post. These need to be set in concrete and have an internal locking mechanism.

Alternatively if you are out on the road use a heavy duty cable to secure the trailer frame to a fixed object.

What Do RV VIN Numbers Mean?

Current [update] plates eschew the letters I, O, V, and X. A number of three-letter combinations have been skipped, mainly to avoid offence. Some MG models featured plates with serials in the MG series, used as semi-personalised plates, in advance of the official MG release. Car-dealers use a separate temporary series of yellow-coloured plates.

These use one of several combinations of letters and numbers, most often a letter X followed by up to 4 digits. Originally black, these plates later became yellow in colour.

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In May after the Christchurch mosque shootings , the NZTA offered to replace any plates with the prefix "GUN" issued in on request, although they were not withdrawn. In general, numbers in the systems do not have leading zeroes, starting with in the LLnnnn system and and later 1 in the LLLnnn system. A commemorative series of plates celebrating New Zealand's national rugby union team, the All Blacks , follows the LLnnnn system but with a leading zero after the letters "AB" for "All Blacks" , giving them the format "AB0nnn". In a special series of commemorative plates marked the country's sesquicentenary.

These had the format nnnnNZ , with the lettering in red on white. Rights to unique combinations of up to six characters can be purchased from a private company licensed by the NZ Transport Agency. The purchaser may acquire any unique combination that falls outside the standard numbering sequences apart from derogatory, obscene, profane or intentionally confusing combinations, or if they promote violence, discrimination or bias [8] or standard numbers that have fallen into disuse. New Zealand does not require associating the plate with a vehicle, and allows outright sale rather than just a periodic lease.

How to locate your serial number.

Therefore, if a personalised plate such as "I A I" exists an owner cannot purchase a combination such as "IAI", and vice versa. The most sought-after combinations available as personalised plates such as "A1" or "AAAAAA" became special "collector plates", with lettering in blue on white. These plates are often offered for sale at a significant premium to standard plates.

As of [update] prospective buyers can order a personalised set of plates as: [11]. Special issues of personalised plates include 'I Love Plates' which was available from 1 February to 12 March and 1 February to 17 March A number of companies provide alternatives to the standard message plate. Several Maori iwi promote identity and traditional graphic designs in frames. The Motor Vehicle Register records information about vehicles used on New Zealand roads and the persons responsible for their use.

The information from the Register can be sourced directly from the NZTA as well as from third parties who include the information with their vehicle information reports. Services provided directly by the New Zealand Transport Agency are listed on the official website [1]. Run by the police this allows the public to check whether a vehicle has been reported stolen.

Multiple vehicle report providers allow to check basic vehicle information free of charge by entering the registration plate number. Although the personal information of vehicle owners is not available to the public, [13] the ownership can generally be confirmed by entering the name or driver's license number of the owner.

Some of the vehicle report providers including CarJam, Checka, That Car allow to confirm the owner free of charge. Before purchasing a vehicle, buyers can conduct a search of the Personal Property Securities Register to ensure there is no money owing on it. Most vehicle manufactures attach a VIN to their vehicles for identification purposes.

Where Is the VIN Located on a Boat Trailer?

This can be used to identify a vehicle's particular characteristics for parts ordering and fluid type during maintenance. A License Plate Lookup returns the vehicle's VIN and other data, removing the need for a tradesman to physically locate and record this digit code.

As a result, much of the information contained in the VIN for parts purchasing purposes is absent [16] and many vehicles still require a tradesperson to physically identify a particular chassis and engine type. One solution adopted by companies [ citation needed ] such as Repco and PartMaster to identify vehicle characteristics without using a manufacturer's VIN is with an algorithm that analyses other data on the Motor Vehicle Register.

The problems include data inconsistencies and prohibitive laws that restrict data analysis of the Register [ citation needed ]. As a result, the majority of these part lookup systems have been restricted for use by an experienced tradesperson. Goodyear incorporated a licence plate lookup system into its NZ website to suggest the correct tyre for a vehicle, although inspection, specialised equipment and a tradesman will always be required when changing tyres. As well as purchasing this information from the NZTA through its official supplier Motochek , several companies offer automated access to their vehicle record cache on a cost per vehicle basis.

This has reduced the purchase cost of the information and allows businesses to develop their own license plate lookup systems. Inconsistencies exist in the register data making automated matching of vehicles difficult. Although many input fields are available [19] most are not mandatory and the quality of the data entered differs depending on the experience of the operator and the information available to them. Open input fields are used in some instances where lists should be provided causing spelling differences and errors.

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Model and submodel names are sometimes reversed, vehicle features are often omitted. Over a third of all chassis and engine types are missing, incorrect or not machine readable. Technically, analysis would exclude all uniquely identifying data, however this is a legal grey area that has hindered the development of vehicle matching systems using Motor Vehicle Register information. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New Zealand vehicle license plates.

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