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You pull in, eat and then soon are afflicted with salmonella poisoning. After being on their gawdawful highest speed plan for two months, I opted to pay out of my contract and throw their equipment into a scrap metal recycling facility. It came with a small Netgear device that runs fast, is about the size of a pack of cards and we can take the Netgear go anywhere device with us even when we are on vacation and have a secure WiFi.

Plus, our iPhones now his and hers can act as a hotspot. This totally blows Hughesnet out of the water. I live in a household with just 2 people-myself and my husband. We go through the 50 gig in 3 days, and that is being conservative with our browsing and not actually doing what we want when we are on the internet.

We end up spending hundreds of dollars to just do the bare minimum on the internet each month. We usually end up driving 20 miles to Starbucks to use their wifi every week because at least then we can actually enjoy the internet. Plain and simple. If you live in a rural area, look into a hotspot instead. Nope, because I do exactly this. With the extra data tokens I have to purchase each month after being throttled, driving 20 miles to Starbucks is actually much cheaper.

I understand what AAllen is saying but disagree. The online education system for higher learning is a joke. I earned my MBA the same way and fought their terrible web applications. Because the online learning system is geared towards multiple people writing posts and comments at the same time everything you do requires page refresh after page refresh. It was the worst experience I had trying to find a mobile provider that could give me enough bandwidth while traveling to be able to do my school work.

I ran out of mobile hotspot data and cellular phone data plans did not work either. These school programs require traditional high speed and low latency data service that has very low latency and has consistent bandwidth. Cellular and satellite services need not apply because the bandwidth requirements are too high.

You go to a news website or favorite entertainment website and it loads once and maybe refreshes every couple minutes. The school websites refresh every 20 seconds as you scroll through other students comments and expand new discussion areas which is when the latency issue hits. Comcast is about milliseconds latency to websites or better where Hughesnet is never better than milliseconds latency because of the satellite distance.

The only thing that really stands out is that satellite is not for every use case but the bandwidth and reliability are very good. I have Hughesnet and Comcast. Hughesnet gives me the peace of mind I need for my home alarm system and home automation devices. These services keep telling my the Comcast network is unavailable because of the packet loss. Hughesnet just works and it always works. I use it for general web surfing, banking, file downloads, and streaming apps.

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Packet latency is not the greatest but it is optimal for satellite. They are unusable at times and if you read about Comcast they have multiple outages a week month after month. Hughesnet never fails me. The current state of Blackboard and others are a mess. Hughesnet has near zero packet loss. The highest I have ever seen is 0. Hughesnet is the Steady Eddie of the Internet. It works and is extremely reliable. I am a network architecture consultant and have never worked for a cable or satellite provider.

How Do I Find A Phone Number In France

I am super happy with Hughesnet and am not disallusioned that it is more than it claims to be. I am surprised if you are still employed with Hughes. I suggest you start looking for something else to earn your living…. Terrible service, terrible customer service, lied to about service before installation. I was told would be same as cable modem, lie. With just one person in house was slow but ok, with two service crawled and locked up.

Customer service in the Philippines told me only one device could be run at a time. I was on the phone 6 hours repeating me same story over and over going through same diagnostics to no avail. I told them since I was lied to they were in breach of contract, i guess since in Philippines and they were reading their scripts they did not understand. I would not recommend to my worst enemy. Please do not purchase this service.

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We were very specific about how we use our wifi when we called Hughesnet about their services. We told the representative that we have 2 laptops, 2 iphones and stream our TV from Amazon Firestick and Chrome. She assured me that the 20GB would be more than enough to meet our needs. I would say my husband and I use less data than the average customer.

What they failed to tell us before we agreed to a 2-year contract was that Chrome and Amazon Firestick will pretty much exhaust our data in the first week. We have had the service since August of this year and have used up all of the 20GB of data by the middle of the month, leaving us with super slow internet for the remainder of the month as opposed to the really slow internet we have when we have data to use.

Hughesnet customer service has been less then accommodating in making this right. We use 2GB per day just using our phones and computers in the evenings. We cannot watch Netflix or any other streaming service as it will use up too much of our data. How can Hughesnet say that 20GB will cover the average customer?

When I explained to the customer support person after calling every month that we were not told about how much data the Firestick and Chromecast would use and were assured that 20GB would be enough data, they gave us 1GB of data to make up for the mistake. I honestly thought the guy was joking when he offered me an additional 1GB of data.

He acted like he had just offered me a million dollars. What a joke!!!! I just hope I can keep anyone else from making this mistake. We could not get internet without paying for a landline which we have not used for many, many years. I had 2 college kids come to my house working for grandmaw that is a dealer in my local area to get internet. The 2 hours the only thing done was damage to my home.

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I missed 2hrs of work this morning waiting on someone to repair the sheetrock which the guy was 3 hrs late. I have been on the phone with hughes net for 3 hrs trying to figure this out and they want to send the same local dealer out to install the internet. Not having this no one is trying to help me the customer service is horrible I will never recemond hughes net They had no problem taking my money Friday. Way to sell it! In my opinion, no one should ever pay for internet service based on usage. You will get screwed every time no matter how good the service actually is.

My experience with Hughsnet was not pleasant. There service was awful and the customer service was worse. Very sad how people conduct business today. They have not heard the last of me. Its speed is not as you expect. You are more then likely to have high latency issues or high ping as others call it, but the download speeds is there.

Examples of its wrong uses are playing online games, some game may work but not to the high quality new generation games. This internet is for real old folks who are probably retired and use the internet rarely but still have access to it when they want. Example of that is if I was an retired old man living in the boonies with no television but wanna keep up with sports. I dislike their representatives. As I called to see if I can refund unused data or cancel with them. The employee insisted that there was still data usage and that kinda pissed me off because the computer was dead and the modem was unplugged.

How can any data be consumed?

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I rather of paid the cancellation fee then of been charged those 5 months. I was just not at all satisfied with what they were trying to do to me but I just said whatever and was trying to get it off my monthly payment charges. Just a word to the wise,never I repeat never use HughesNet for internet. They say that it is good high speed internet. It sucks! All it does is buffer and is slower the molasses in the middle of winter. It would be faster.

Worst experience with a company ever.