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  7. Source: Avvo Rating: 4. You may not obtain the same or similar results that the following clients received. Excellent Lawyer!! Highly recommend! Gruskin was very professional and explained in detail what was expected of me and what would happen once everything was completed and paid for. There were no surprises which meant a lot to me and all my questions were answered in…. Very patient by anonymous , Written on July 27, Me. Gruskin was so patient with me, as it took about 8 months for me to turn in the paperwork. The divorce was super affordable and done much quicker than I expected!!

    Excellent divorce attorney by anonymous , Written on June 11, Arnie was quick to respond and provided an easy and affordable divorce. Once all paperwork was completed which Arnie had prepared and provided very quickly, court turn around was about 30 days as stated. I would highly recommend Arnie Gruskin for anyone needing an uncontested divorce with children. Thank you. Excellent Work by Brian , Written on June 01, Arnie was a great lawyer that helped me finalize my divorce. It took less then 30 days and He knows exactly whats is needed to get everything done. Excellent work in a timely manner and kept me informed at all times.

    I appreciate his hard work and i recommend his…. Satisfied client by Kamel , Written on May 25, Mr. Gruskin made my divorce process hassle-free and smoothe.

    Types of Divorce in Florida: Simplified, Uncontested and Contested

    He was prompt to answer questions quickly. Excellent attorney by Catherine , Written on May 24, Mr Gruskin has been wonderful throughout my divorce process. He is knowledgeable and I truly appreciated his help. Excellent job in filing my divorce by Lloyd , Written on March 21, Arnie prepared my divorce in a professional manner and in a timely fashion.

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    The system he utilizes is straight forward and easy to follow. I would highly recommend Mr Gruskin if you are considering divorce. Also his cost is very reasonable and affordable. Review for Arnie Gruskin by Gerry , Written on March 20, Arnie handle this is a quick and precise manner with no errors.

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    It went through flawlessly and on a timely manner! Very satisfied! Thank you Arnie Gruskin! Uncontested Divorce Lawyer, The Best! Gruskin assisted me with great support and service! He knows what he is doing in the world of uncontested divorces. He was patient with dealing with my ex-spouse who was in another State. The price is hard to beat for the services rendered and glad I had him on…. Serving All Of Florida. The Basics of Florida Divorce Law. Contact the office of Winter Park divorce attorney Jennifer Dane for a free consultation.

    The Collaborative divorce is a relatively new approach to the divorce process. It is an approach that allows the parties to work together in as a team with their attorneys, mental health professionals, and accountants to complete their divorce on their own terms and in a manner that generally allows for more open communication and increased understanding of each parties perspective throughout the process.

    One of the most appealing benefits to a collaborative client is that no personal or financial information is filed with the court unless the parties agree to do so. Meaning that neither parties personal information will be on display or made apart of a public record. This type of privacy is very appealing to high income earners seeking a divorce.

    Jennifer Dane will personally handle all aspects of your divorce. You will be able to contact Ms. Dane by phone, text or email at anytime with questions specific to your case and your concerns. Your case will never be handed to a less experienced attorney.