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Well, that depends on the agency that is offering the information. Then, there are other agencies that are quite generous and provide everything from the details needed to identify the detainee to data on current and past charges and even the arrest mugshots. It is almost as good as accessing a part of the police blotter. Like I said before, you can drive down to the Office of the Sheriff for a person specific arrest search. But, I always recommend that you start your arrest search online. You will find that most police departments provide their arrest booking data on their website.

This is offered in the form of a list or as a searchable arrests log that can be queried by using the name of a person.

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Of course, there are some agencies that limit themselves to providing details on just the most wanted persons. Let us look at a few examples here, and you will know what I am talking about. For instance, if you want to know if a person was just busted in St. Clair County or Lauderdale County, you will have to visit the law enforcement agency that made the arrest or which serves the area in which the arrest was made for the inquiry. In my experience, most law enforcement agencies are none too keen on providing details on the active warrants they hold.

The logic is simple- The existence of an active warrant means that the alleged offender has not been arrested as yet. Think of it this way; the cops would not want to risk a suspect taking to his heels after finding out about the arrest warrant in his name. So, a warrant list is seldom offered as easily and freely as court records or even the arrest log. That said, you will find the most wanted page on the websites of most law enforcement agencies.

Now, there are no guarantees that you will find the name of your subject in this list but I can tell you this- the most wanted list is a good way to start a warrant lookup. Having said that, let me clarify that law enforcement offices typically follow one of three approaches when it comes to offering their warrant list online:. You may have noticed the use of a bunch of new terms above, such as active warrants, bench warrants and outstanding warrants. If you have searched for data on warrants before, I bet you have come across them already and if this is your first warrant check, I am sure you are wondering:.

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First things first, you can get arrested if you have either of these in your name. But bench warrants are the lighter of the two. Make no mistake; these are also court issued orders for arrest but they are released in connection with minor offenses; more violations of civic or court rules than actual criminal acts.

Of course, bench warrants may also be issued in case of Class C and D misdemeanors and in connection with economic crimes. Hence, I always factor these into the criminal background report of a person. As far as arrest warrants go, these are typically connected to misdemeanors of a serious nature and felonies. Arrest warrants are termed as active warrants upon issue. But, if they are not served within a short period after issue, they are stored in the criminal database as outstanding warrants.

Because the police are responsible for apprehending individuals who have arrest warrants in their name, they are bound to have information on such decrees. Moreover, when a criminal act has led to the issue of the warrant, you can be sure that the order was sought by the police.

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As far as bench warrants are concerned, the cops are not involved in the process of issue, but they are responsible for serving them. But as always, I like to talk about the free stuff before I move to the paid options. So, let me tell you more about this…. From what I know, at least one-third of the law enforcement agencies in the state offer a warrants search facility online.

As I told you earlier, it may just be a most wanted list or simply a compilation of bench warrants. Here are a few examples to get you started:. There is no way to get information on a warrant roundup before it happens, unless you are connected to the law enforcement agency that is conducting the operation.

UPDATE: Parkersburg woman sentenced on federal drug charge

Once arrests are effected, you will hear about them through print media and television. For instance, the St. Personally, I always turn to the court records first when launching a background search on a subject. I know, you are probably thinking criminal court records here. But, I am talking about public court records in general, which include both civil and criminal court records.

Hear me out for a second, and you will know why I strongly recommend starting with a case search.

The thing about judicial records is that they offer an insight into the life and the mindset of a person, whether the case lookup throws up results on civil or criminal matters. For instance, if you find too many traffic tickets; it may be more than just a case of bad luck and perhaps has something to do with disregard for the law and even a callous attitude towards the safety of others. Along the same lines, if there is the mention of a civil suit in the courts public records, and the litigation pertains to a business deal gone south, this will tell you about the financial health of a person.

Similarly, a tort claim will give you a peek into the health status of your subject. I am sure by now you can see where I am headed with this. So, without further ado, let me answer the question that must be bubbling in your mind. But, things are done differently in Alabama. The state has a central court repository that allows you to find case records from nearly all the courts in the judicial system of Alabama.

However, this is a paid service and you need to register with the Court Access website to access it.


Although the fee is nominal you will get detailed information on this below , they charge for every case search. Another problem is that you will have to register to use the service. If all of that sits well with you, let me answer your next question. The court repository contains information from all the trial courts across the 67 counties of the state.

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  • Through a case search, you can find details on:. Home Crime Article. Police: 3 arrests in largest Pike Co. Posted: Fri PM, Mar 03, Flipping 10, pancakes for a good cause. Show Comments. I know these developers rely on the detaining agency to provide the data. Is there any carrot or stick available to "persuade" them to provide their input more timely?

    UPDATE: Parkersburg woman sentenced on federal drug charge

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