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Results from drilling of second well at St.

Vincent geothermal project in the Caribbean are promising with tests to now confirm temperature and flow rates. As reported locally last week, drilling of the second well for the geothermal power project in St. Drilling for the well took 83 days and first stimulation work shows a temperature of degrees Celsius, sufficient for a geothermal power plant. Further testing is required to estimate concrete production capability. The initial well reached a depth of 2, meters and temperatures likely over degrees Celsius, but with no permeability the well collapsed in the last 1, m section.

It was then a decided to not repair yet move on in a different angle.

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Testing equipment required for testing flow rates and temperature will arrive on site in two to three months. Results will determine the technology choice for the planned geothermal power plant.

The project sees 10 MW as sufficient for the project. A knife wielding serial rapist is terrorizing women in a two square mile area between Arnos Vale , Fountain, Fairhall, and Villa and the police are no where near to catching him.

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The bareback well-built man has been raping at an average rate of one woman every nine days since September. He last struck two Wednesdays ago in Fairhall for the first time since the assaults started leading police to believe that he was expanding his area of operation. Station Sergeant Trevor Bailey of the Calliaqua Police Station warned all women in the "danger areas" to be extra cautious, especially when going to bed at night by ensuring that the entire house is tightly secured.

He also asked all residents in the target areas to be on the look out for strange men in their neighbourhoods.

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The man is believed to be in his early thirties; dark skinned and well built, about 5-feet 7-inches tall. He is usually barebacked, his head covered, and his nose and mouth also covered with a piece of cloth or a jersey, some of the victims told police.


Some of the women reported also being robbed of money but Calliaqua police said that there have not been reports of any other types of violence. One woman who was attacked and fought back reportedly told her attacker "even if you have to kill me, go ahead, but you not raping me". The man fled and she was spared. The rapist then went underground for a couple of weeks. Two weeks ago when he surfaced in Fairhall police were able to link him to all the other rapes because of certain characteristic trends that had been commonly reported by all victims.

Hazelwood however said that commenting specifically on an ongoing investigation could unwittingly provide valuable information to the perpetrator and pointed instead to the landmark study he co-authored -Criminal Behaviour of the Serial Rapist which could provide insight into the man's behaviour and also provide women with valuable information to protect themselves.

Hazelwood and Janet Warren of the Institute of Psychiatry and Law of the University of Virginia described the techniques used by serial rapist in stalking and attacking their victims and how they evade detection.

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They said that there were three different approaches used by serial rapists - the "con", "blitz" and "surprise". The "con" approach is impersonating an official, such as a plain clothes police officer, and approaching women in a personable, helpful way. After getting their trust, the rapist becomes aggressive. The "blitz" approach is where the rapist uses a direct assault that subdues and physically injures the victim before raping her.

The "surprise" approach involves pre-selecting victims through "peeping tom" activities where the assailant would watch the victim's residence to establish her patterns and determine that she would be alone. He would wait until she had gone to sleep, enter the home and use threats or the presence of a weapon to threaten her with physical harm if she did not cooperate.

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However there is no physical injury. To control the victims, the rapist uses a threatening presence or verbal threats especially when women resisted. The researchers said that over one-third of the offenders experience a sexual dysfunction and receive low levels of pleasure from the act.

The most common post-offence behaviour of the rapist is the feeling of remorse and guilt, following the case in the media, and an increase in alcohol and drug consumption. The study was conducted through interviews with 41 men who raped women between and This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

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Vincent and the Grenadines Bed and Breakfast St. Infant mortality was 17 per 1, live births in Public spending on education was five per cent of GDP in There are 12 years of school education starting at the age of five. Primary school comprises seven years and secondary five, with cycles of three and two years.

Drilling of second well with positive results at St. Vincent geothermal project

The school year starts in September. Tertiary education is provided at the regional University of the West Indies, which has its main campuses in Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. There are several private radio stations. The main post office is located in Kingstown, with branches throughout the country.