Should teachers be allowed to search students lockers

What is "reasonable suspicion" for searching students at school?

But what exactly is reasonable? Teachers can temporarily confiscate cell phones when students violate rules about using them in class. Can my school force me to take a drug test?

Schools Has the Right to Search Student’s Lockers

Schools may generally require drug tests for some students, like those participating in school sports or other extracurricular activities. But some states have stronger protections against random drug testing. When can a school strip search or pat down students?

Compared to other kinds of searches, schools must meet stricter standards before they may strip search students or conduct intrusive, random pat downs. Skip to Main Content.

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Education Law. The decision was then taken to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal where a new trial was ordered. The teen then appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, which ruled that principals and teachers are not subject to the same rules as police when conducting searches.

When can a Teacher or Principal Search a Student?

This means that teachers everywhere can now search students without reasonable or probable grounds. Instead, a search may be undertaken if there is reasonable grounds to believe that a school rule is being broken and the evidence of a violation can be found. Teachers will not need to obtain a warrant.

The teachers will also be the ones who will determine if reasonable grounds for the search are there. The search must be carried out in a reasonable matter and the circumstances considered should include age and gender of the student. Some schools have already taken advantage of the new rule. At the last North Island Secondary School dance, every bag, purse, backpack and jacket that went into the dance was checked. The boys were taken one at a time into the to the Physical Education office and ordered to take off their pants so the men could check the pockets.

Should teachers have the right to search students' lockers? |

They were then told to take off their underwear and bend over to make sure they weren't hiding any money. Not only is this outrageous, but is a violation of the students' civil rights. Not only did the two educators strip away the students' clothes, but their dignity and respect as well. This new decision seems to leave the door wide open for sexual harassment allegations. Our school superintendent has stated that nothing like that would ever happen in Port Hardy, and that we already have a policy which does not need to be altered.

Besides he says students have to realize that lockers are not property of the students, but property of the school district.