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How to find a referee To find a referee, all you have to do is: work out who to ask ask for their permission get their preferred contact details. What you need from your referee Make sure you ask each of your referees for their: full name double-check the spelling job title current contact details. What you need to tell your referee When someone agrees to be your referee, they should be ready to answer phone calls or emails about you. You should tell your referees about: the jobs you're applying for any job interviews you have so they can be ready to be contacted any specific qualities or skills you'd like them to emphasise.

How many referees you need Most job advertisements tell you how many referees are needed. If you have more than two referees, pick the ones that: match the job you're going for best will say the most positive things about you will be easiest for the employer to contact. Written references Only send a written reference if you're asked to.

Applying For Jobs Out Of State? This Resume Tip Can Help

A written reference is a letter written by a referee that explains: your relationship to the referee the kind of work you did with them how well you did it what you were like to work with. If you only have character references, they could write a reference that explains: how they know you what kind of person you are what kind of qualities you have why you would make a good employee.

How to include referees on your resume Usually, you put referee details at the end of your resume. You then give their contact details when asked. Stay in touch with your referees. If you got the job, let them know and thank them for their help. If you didn't get the job, thank them anyway and ask if you can find out about the questions they were asked by the prospective employer this could help with future applications. For tips on looking and applying for work, visit these pages: How to find a job Applying for a job Job interviews. Was this page helpful? Any comments? Maybe you've included catchy cover letters.

Maybe you've even asked someone to put in a good word for you. There are many things you can't control about the job-seeking process.

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Cumbersome application systems, automated filters that identify keywords instead of talent, lazy hiring managers content to simply find a square peg for a round hole, all of that is outside your control. If you're struggling to land the job you want, don't complain. Don't blame other people. Sure, the system often sucks -- so accept it sucks, and then figure out how to beat it.

Commit to doing more. Commit to doing what other candidates aren't willing to do. Obvious, right? Not really. Many job seekers respond to as many job postings as possible, hoping the numbers will be on their side.

But shotgun resume submissions result in hiring managers sifting through dozens of candidates to find the right person. Good luck emerging from that particular pile. To show the hiring manager you are the right candidate, you have to do the work. Instead of shot-gunning your resume, put in the time to determine a company you definitely want to work for -- both in terms of the job and cultural fit. Pretend I'm the hiring manager. What I actually hear is, "I would love for you to pay me.

You can't possibly know if you want to work for my company unless you know a lot about my company; that's the difference between just wanting a job and wanting an actual role in a business. Talk to friends, relatives, vendors, customers Check out management and employees on social media. When you know the people, you know the company. Learn as much as you can, then leverage that knowledge.

Many companies see training as a necessary evil. Training takes time, money, effort, all of which are in short supply. An ideal new hire can be productive immediately. While you don't need to be able to do everything required in the job, it helps if the company can see an immediate return on their hiring investment. Remember, hiring you is an investment that needs to generate a return. Put what you can offer on display. If you're a programmer, mock up a new application. If you want a sales position, create a plan for how you'll target a new market or customer base, or describe how you will implement marketing strategies the business doesn't currently use.

How do you ask the employee who works at your target company to help?

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If so, how? With these questions in mind, we asked career experts to weigh in on the best ways to maximize an employee referral. The key to making a referral work is by finding a connection between a job opening and someone you know. Then search for openings at those companies.

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  • I am in the middle of a job search and would like to apply for the open insert title position at Company Name. Do you know who I should talk to? I have attached my resume for your reference.

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    The last thing you want to do is to lose the trust of your connection by using their name in your application when they feel uncomfortable doing so. After you submit your resume, cover letter, and any other required application materials to the hiring manager, you should let your friend know. Keep this line of communication open throughout the entire application process with quick status updates, and be sure to express your enthusiasm about the opportunity in each message.

    But the trick is to mention your connection in the right way—in relationship to the work the company does—otherwise you risk putting focus on the wrong thing.