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Search an address for the contact information of a homeowner or resident.

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See a list of the properties in your area and learn more about your neighbors. A reverse address search can show you nearby sex offenders and county safety statistics.

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Verify a property owner's identity before agreeing to rent or buy from them. Your World, Made Clear Watch our 30 second pitch to see how Spokeo can help you navigate life's uncertainties. How We Can Help. Safety Tips for Prospective Homebuyers read more.

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New York. San Francisco. San Antonio.

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This basic information is free, but if you want more, check out the sponsored links on the results page. Intelius provides tidbits of information for free, but you'll have to pay for anything else.

The reverse address lookup results from Intelius reveal the bedroom count, the home and lot size square footage, and the year the home was built. For a small fee, you can get more information such as the home value, ownership information, residents in the household, information about neighbors, property details, and a legal description of the property.

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Use AnyWho to find someone's phone number when all you have is a physical address. After you enter the address, you'll see results about current and past residents through Intelius. Spokeo is another free reverse address lookup tool that seems to find unique information that some of the other websites in this article don't supply. Spokeo provides the home value, the year the home was built, the living area square footage and lot size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a map of the neighborhood, the heating and cooling details of the building, what type of parking the home has, nearby registered sex offenders, and separate sections for current owners and past residents.

A search engine is amazingly useful for many tasks, but reverse address lookup isn't one of them. An address search for a business cataloged in a search engine results in the business name and other information such as the hours the business is open and pictures of the building.

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The problem with using a search engine such as Google , Yahoo, or Bing , however, is that they're not made to cross-reference addresses with homeowner information. Therefore, they're not helpful to run a reverse address search on a private address. You can use Google or another search site to look for address information, but the results may not be very helpful.

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To use Google for a reverse address search, type the address with quotation marks around the street and house number as well as around the city name, for example:. Quotes help the search engine understand that the various items of the address go together. Share Pin Email. He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire.