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The second edition of our bestselling book. View all photos Nipper looks out over the Warehouse District on a clear February day. Eagle eyes can spot the name written on the collar. Nipper atop his perch. Nipper perched on roof parapet over RCA building entrance in Jack Boucher Public Domain. Detail of Nipper.

One kilometer of thick brass rod laid out before your eyes. Added by jamesb. One of the first major shipyards in Brooklyn. Added by kastoory. Where infamous mobster and leader of Murder Inc. Albert Anastasia made his home. Added by Dylan. Atlas Obscura Experiences. Thanks for subscribing!

RCA's Nipper as the US Open Ball "Dog" - 2004

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Five Famous Dogs in Advertisements

Contributed by ianrbenjamin. Near This Place. Albany, New York. A CT scan revealed the identity of this 3,year-old mummy that everyone erroneously thought was female. Added by LucidiTea. The painting was also rejected by several magazines. Modifications Recommended Friends liked the painting and suggested to Barraud that he might make it more appealing by substituting a gold horn to replace the black Edison horn. The manager, Barry Owen, understood the commercial possibilities.

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He offered to buy the painting and the rights to it if Barraud would make it a gramophone. A deal was made for both the painting and the copyright, and in October the deal was sealed when Barraud delivered the painting.

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At first the Gramophone Company used the image sparingly. Then Emile Berliner , the U. Owen did so, and in the U. In , the company became RCA-Victor , and became well-known for radios as well as phonographs and records. Even today Nipper collectibles are very desirable. He writes that in he heard from Heather Readman of Canada.

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  • Readman wrote that the Gramophone Company held a contest, soliciting slogans to go with the painting. Barraud and Nipper Nipper was buried in Kingston upon Thames.

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    This is now the parking lot of a Lloyds Bank on Clarence St. However, there is a plaque on the wall noting that Nipper is buried nearby. Nipper was born in Bristol, England in Nonetheless, Nipper went on to become one of the most famous advertising icons in history. With no takers, Barraud decided to replace the black horn in the painting with a brass one, and visited the Gramophone Company to borrow one.

    The company liked the painting, and offered to purchase it if Barraud replaced the phonograph with a Berliner disc gramophone. The portrait became a success, and continued to be used as an advertising image by the Gramophone Company, even after being purchased by The Victor Talking Machine Company.