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Pay-for-use after the seven day free trial. Deaths from the Western N. Masonic Relief Association - These are records from towns and villages before they were incorporated into New York City in From the German Genealogy Group.

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Name index to birth, baptism and christening records from the state of New York. This set contains 1,, records. Due to privacy laws, recent records may not be displayed. The year range represents most of the records. A few records may be earlier or later. Name index to death and burial records from the state of New York.

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This set contains , records. Name index to marriage records from the state of New York. Name index and images of New York county marriage records. New York state began requiring marriage records for each county in The collection does not include New York City nor its boroughs. Additional records by county will be added as they are completed. An overview of vital records for this state and information for getting them by mail or online.

NA Baptisms This listing corrects hundreds of typo errors that appear in the other online versions and in the book. A few vital records were entered into some early town records on Long Island and later in some towns along the eastern border, the latter evidently by New England settlers bringing with them a long-standing tradition of such practice. The mass migration into New York just after the Revolution, however, took place at a time when vital event recording slacked off greatly, even in New England.

The earliest items that might be classified as civil vital records in New York were marriage licenses, issued from to This work did not include all the important information in related marriage bonds, which date from , the majority of which were filed after In a law [Chapter of the laws passed in ] was enacted requiring school districts to keep records of births, marriages, and deaths. While the law was not a complete failure, compliance was scattered, and some towns that began to record vital events quickly stopped.

Those records that were kept are incomplete, and the latest that records were kept [by some registrars] was , but the law wasn't repealed until Dear Sir, I have concluded not to forward the blanks for the Report of Births, Marriages and Deaths, until the law is so amended as to enable me to receive full and correct reports from the entire state.

New York City

Therefore all action under the law will be, for the present, suspended. Although most action under this law seems to have stopped at the end of , the actual law stayed on the books until In Chapter of that year's laws, paragraph 9 repealed "Chapter one hundred fifty-two of the laws of Originals of a few of these records are still with the town and county clerks or have been placed in historical societies. Also useful for the nineteenth century are the marriages and deaths listed in the and New York state censuses for the census period ending 31 May of those years the census also included deaths of officers and enlisted men.

Marriages and deaths were also recorded in the state census but without names. The statistics of births, marriages, and deaths for each household recorded in the , , and censuses can sometimes be used to advantage see Census Records for New York. Chapter This law was repealed in Chapter ].

Another attempt by the state to require the keeping of vital records was made in , and this law is the basis for the recording of births, marriages, and deaths in New York today. The record was made in the town, village, or city in which the event took place and, after being recorded there in ledger volumes , the original certificate was sent to Albany, where alphabetical indexes of names are arranged by event and then by year.

Today, the original certificate is forwarded to the Department of Health, with the local registrar keeping a duplicate copy. Each index entry lists the name, date of event, place, and certificate number; no maiden names or marital status are shown for deaths, and ages at death are given only from Marriages are indexed by the name of each party, but there is no cross-referencing except for to and since , when the first four letters of the spouse's surname are included.

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Since compliance with the law was slow, many events were not recorded. This applies only to births recorded at least seventy-five years ago and to marriages and deaths recorded fifty years ago and earlier. Box , Albany, NY www. Some cities kept vital records earlier than those sent to Albany under the law.

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For Albany, Buffalo, and Yonkers, birth and death records before and marriages before should be sought from those cities' registrars of vital statistics, as copies were not sent to the state until those years. For the period through about , marriages were also recorded with the county clerk, although some counties do not have these records for all of this time period. Indexes to New York City marriage licenses '51 , arranged by borough, are available at the Municipal Archives.

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Printed New York City vital records indexes from for Manhattan and from for the other boroughs are available at the New York Public Library for births and deaths through and for marriages through Albany, N. This guide includes existing records for the period to Since divorce actions in New York have been handled in the Supreme Court for the county in which the divorce was heard.