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Just call This number calls our business several times a month.

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When I told the lady he was not available, they immediately hung up. Caller ID states "Merchant Svc" I called the number back to complain, but I was only able to leave a voice mail expressing my disapproval and to be removed from the calling list.

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I'm certain this will not resolve anything and they will continue to call. Hung up merchantcircle.

A subpoena is a court order telling a witness to appear at a civil trial or court hearing, attend a deposition or produce documents or records. This procedure for requesting and using subpoenas is pursuant to Rules Subpoenas are issued only for open cases that are currently filed in Court. To obtain a subpoena by mail for a trial, deposition or production of documents you must file a written request with the Civil Division. The subpoena must be served by the Sheriff's office or any person over the age of 18 who has no interest in the outcome of the legal proceedings. Subpoenas may not be served on legal holidays or on Sundays MSA The person serving the subpoena must fill out an affidavit of service stating when, where and to whom the subpoena was served.

The party who requests the subpoena must make arrangements for compensation of non-party witnesses prior to the time of the trial, hearing or deposition. If you wish to have the court enforce the witness's failure to appear as civil contempt of court, you must file the affidavit of service with the court prior to the date of the witness's appearance. Visit www. COM NS I sent emails to all of those executives listed on another site. Most email addresses were dead, but I did get someone's ear. A ticket was opened and after several days I got the email below. I'm sure Azam would be happy to help anyone else who wants to stop the pestering!

Here is his first email: Dear Jim, This email is with reference to the email that reached our Corporate office. We appreciate you taking the time to bring our attention to this incident. We regret the phone inconvenience and I will take care of this issue. Please verify your billing zip code on Dell records and I will get back to you with a resolution. I can also be reached at , Ext. I am looking forward to a response from you at the earliest. Customer feedback How am I doing? I received a call from this number and they had dialed the wrong number.

They didn't offer to sell me anything, but I thought I should post this up. Atlanta Personal Injury lawyer www. It is obvious that it is a cutout they forward the calls through the phone, so when the feds start closing in, they can dump it and the feds are stuck with a dead end. Schulman, or Mr. Hesse Nextel CEO. You CAN get them on the phone if you want to. Takes a little time, and some social engineering skills.

Schulman's office. They forwarded me to Mr. Schulman's secretary. I told her I had a real problem, and I have heard she was the person to help me solve it stroke the ego, and people generally want to help people who are polite and so on. These are techniques I used to use professionally. You might have to try several numbers. Try being angry, very polite, disappointed, confused. Try speaking in another language and repeating your target's name repeatedly with heavily accented "Please to connect to" French seems to work best.

Once you find out the executive's secretary's name, you are golden.

SiliconBeat: Why craigslist booted Oodle and more to come?

Dial random numbers in their exchange and ask someone to forward you to the secretary. I am supposed to be speaking with Mrs. Johnson right now. Could you please forward me? Polite, but frustrated seems to work best. I use them very rarely, and only when I have no other real option. They work though. Every time. Good luck with it. Shutting down is a start, but that won't do these jerks any real damage since that is a cut-out phone. They will just pick up a new number.

I spelled that out to the FTC and Boost, and recommend you do the same. Boost is a subsidiary of Nextel, so reaching Mr. Hesse may be useful as well. Craigs List scammer of the worse kind. I keep getting calls from this number but they do not say anything when I answer.

My laptop was stolen in Chicago on and this guy called my number claiming to have bought it on the street before Returning to Carbondale. I posted a reward for my computer on Craigslist and he wanted money before he would send it to me. Also, thanks to mike below me I know this guy is a scammer and I will continue my search away from him.

I keep receiving phone calls from this company I have asked them to stop calling.. Craigslist scammer - dont talk to this guy, hes just phishing for money. Calls all the time and never leaves any messages. The only thing they grasp to is a slightly lower price. For what? I agree fully with everything you have said in your post.

But why settle? I am a fairly new TMO customer switched over from Verizon. I am very happy with the service and you are right, it is cheaper. Like you, I am a new member to the Tmo family. Their coverage was pretty good. Sprint was fairly decent, but it was the little things about Tmo that got me to switch:. The promise that tethering rooted 2. Just like anything else, I had to give up a bit of coverage, and lack of phone selection for some features.

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With any of these smartphones my most prized feature i want is battery life. Hmmm…Sounds like a good idea but motorola needs to drop the motoblur bs. Yeah I have to agree after my purchase of the Cliq which has since been replaced and still yet to be updated I will never by another MOTO product ever again thanks but no thanks i dont care if it had a Triple Core processor with a 5 inch screen, 10mp camera, a gold plated pair of headpones and Oprah hand delivered the phone herself. Yes, deathstar has crap for phones. RIM is still partnering with them to premiere exclusive phones thought we learned that exclusives and blackberry were bad ideas ala blackberry storm , such a sad case, when there was so much success with TMO and the offering with UMA!

Get the other moto phones out of the store. Hell no to moto! Any point you may have had is completely lost in that epic run-on sentence you just posted. Can someone please explain what the deal is with the hate toward Motorola here?

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I know that a long time ago I had a Moto Razr and it was a great phone at the time — sturdy as hell, great call quality. Has Moto really fallen that much? They told Behold 2 owners they were gonna be able to upgrade to Android 2. So Behold owners were stuck at 1. Then the Cliq and Cliq XT were supposed to be getting updated.

Or never will. If by they you are referring to Motorola, you may want to fact check as the Behold 2 is made by Samsung. Wow, this is going to be a hard sell for Motorola depending on when it comes out for sale. If they get the 2. I mean sure it looks like a decent phone and I am sure it will be rugged and so BUT people remember things and customer experience is a big issue today.

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If a company keeps telling people that they are going to give them something then at the last minute stops it, keeps delaying it, and whatever from there the consumer is going to lose faith in that company and that is where failure meets reality. I gave up my Cliq and moved on to the Vibrant simply because I lost faith in Motorola from their empty promises and nothing served up.

I think other people are just as fed up so this will be interesting to see what the outcome of this phone is.