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Your Email. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Read More. Ask what vocal tone, volume, phrasing or other dynamic change would result in the desired response. Use that. There is only room for the singer and the heart being sung to. Listen to direction, but then focus back into the one-on-one communication when singing. Take a mental break and get back to the response you want from the heart being addressed.


Great vocal technique is vital studio vocals. Specifically, anything that helps with breath support and control, opens the throat and focuses the mind will help create great recorded vocals.

Here are some specific things you can teach your student to use for studio vocal issues they may experience:. Have them rehearse technically much more than they do emotionally. Take problem areas in chunks, diagnose and conquer any counterproductive technique, find breath marks, challenge phrasing and embellishments and help the student memorize how to set up the high and low passages. I call this memorizing the dance of the melody.

Choose, or have them choose, purposefully. It happens all the time… no need for the artist to feel bad about it. Give your student a plan. A lot of anxiety can be nipped in the bud by wise planning before the session, common sense and laser focus. They should wear comfortable clothing and shoes, maybe dress in layers in case the studio is too hot or cold.

They should be careful who they invite into the session so they are not distracted by personalities. They should take a lunch or snack break when they are hungry.

They should avoid any vocal saboteurs including drying medications, alcohol or too much caffeine and sugar. They can ask for a recess, go for a walk and re-focus on the real task of the voice. The business of music and ego must be parked at the studio door. Keep the task laser simple; just deliver the message with all the skill they have. Vocal magic happens in the creative moment, not in the past or future.

Also, direct them to practice at home in simulated studio stance, not stage, if they are preparing for a vocal session. They need singing muscle memory for the situation they will be in. First of all, the vocal teacher must understand and take into consideration the genre-specific norms of articulation that the student wants to use.

Some are less defined than others. Many times in the studio articulation is muddy and tone is numb because the singer is singing to the pop filter or mic instead of a human being. Re-direct the singer to the heart being sung to… and have them imagine that person is partially deaf. Diction clarity can then be created naturally rather than artificially.

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The voice also needs a centered, clear mind. So what if the student has to records vocals while not vocally or psychologically well? Vocal coaches often become mentors in a deeper sense. Conditions of chronic tension, stress, worry, illness, fatigue or pain are best brought to attention and dealt with before serious career-making studio vocals are scheduled. An informed vocal coach can be a lifeline for studio singers.

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Teaching with good information that gets results, you may find yourself called in the specialty role of vocal producer. If you want to pursue this specialty role, I highly recommend you increase your own studio singing hours. When we practice what we teach, it truly informs our teaching with what works!

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. March 17, October 25, Judy Rodman. The recording situation feels artificial and strange Except for veteran studio singers, even the best studio situation is not normal for the voice.

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