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Of those, less than half, about The rate of depression among adolescents in Massachusetts is similar to the national average, about Unfortunately, only half of adolescents with depression received treatment. Middlesex County is ranked well as a healthy community, with only Even with low averages and great preventive factors, Medford is still home to many individuals who are struggling with a mental health crisis.

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Learn to identify the signs in order to help a loved one find the assistance they need. Residents of Medford, Massachusetts face many of the risk factors that can contribute to poor mental health in a community. Approximately 3. These challenges can cause increased rates of mental illness. If you know anyone who is dealing with one or more of these factors, encourage them to contact a local mental health professional for assistance and support.

Excessive use of alcohol is strongly linked with depression. Not only do individuals who are experiencing a depressive episode typically drink to excess, but many individuals who are drinking excessively soon become depressed.

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  5. In Middlesex County, 19 percent of adults reported drinking to excess. This is lower than many other counties in Massachusetts, but still leaves a large number of adults at risk of depression. While poverty is a strong risk factor in mental health, Medford enjoys a low poverty rate of On average, households fare far better in Medford than other areas of the nation.

    There are still over 10 percent of individuals for whom poverty is a source of emotional, financial and interpersonal stress. Even worse, drug abuse can be dangerous and lead to premature death.

    In Massachusetts, 33 individuals per , were killed from a drug overdose. If you or someone you know is part of the The E-Counseling directory can help you find the local resources you or a loved one needs.

    Hello, welcome to BetterHelp! I want to first congratulate you on taking this step into therapy and remind you that we are in this together. Life often gets in the way of making plans, and that can mean turning your world upside down. I am here to help you navigate and manage your feelings, and help you get on track to succeed.

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    My name is Amy Helm, and I am a licensed mental health Read More. Life often gets in the way of making plans, and that can mean turning View Profile Languages: English Experience: 7 years. I have been a counselor for over 18 years. In that time, I've gotten really quite good at helping with depression, anxiety, the struggles of living with ADHD both as a parent and as an adult with ADHD , the extremes and felt helplessness of OCD, bi polar conditions, and addiction, and and the turbulent feelings of In that time, I've gotten really quite good at helping with depression, anxiety, View Profile Languages: English Experience: 18 years.

    I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in the state of Hawaii and the state of Massachusetts. During my time as a therapist, I have had the privilege of working with many different people in a variety of settings in Massachusetts and many of the Hawaiian Islands. I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting problems, career challenges, OCD and ADHD. During my time as a therapist, I have had the privilege of working with many different people in a variety of View Profile Languages: English Experience: 6 years.

    For 6 years I met with clients and did initial evaluations in a bustling city clinic; I had the opportunity to work with different populations of people to address and treat a full range of mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, life transitions, sexual problems, social phobias, communication issues, and self-esteem. I also helped many people who experienced For 6 years I met with clients and did initial evaluations in a bustling city clinic; I had the opportunity to work with different populations of View Profile Languages: English Experience: 15 years.

    Hi, My name is Cindy. Trinity Counseling Center is a faith-based center formed by therapists who desire to make a positive change in the lives of people. Although each of us at Trinity is unique in personality and approach, we are knit together by our common bond in Christ. Our faith calls us to live out true spiritual community amongst ourselves.

    Couples Therapy

    In doing so, we become better people and more effective clinicians. Gabriel enjoys working with an array of clients including individuals, couples, families, teens and children. He has extensive training and experience in play therapy and personality testing and has worked in a variety of clinical settings for over 15 years. Gabriel takes a balanced approach to therapy, integrating Christian Theology and Psychodynamic Theory.

    Gretchen has a special calling to help women who are struggling in their pregnancies or with infertility, for women transitioning into parenthood, and for women who are entering into the "empty nest" phase of life. Gretchen also incorporates neurofeedback into her practice as an adjunct to therapy, especially for clients who have experienced significant trauma.

    She has done extensive training in the field of Neurofeedback and enjoys the results this modality brings to her clients, especially those who struggle with ADD and ADHD. Darnel is passionate about families and marriages and enjoys working with these clients to reach their goals. Her approach is focused on systemic results and is convinced people can accomplish the change they want to see in their lives.

    Individual Therapy

    Darnel addresses a broad range of emotional and psychological issues using a variety of clinical techniques. Her goal is to create a safe environment where clients can grow and heal. She has worked with all ages and is especially skilled in treating step-family dynamics, depression, anxiety, behavioral parenting issues and marital issues. Grants Pass OR Greg has counseled in a number of settings in the Rogue Valley. He also works with couples, families and adult survivors of childhood abuse. During her internship at the Center for Family Development in Eugene, she counseled individuals, couples and families with issues such as depression, anxiety, low.

    Kathleen has a heart for work that promotes healthy functioning in individuals and families. Her approach is strengths-based and relationally focused. As a former youth mentor program specialist, Kathleen enjoys working with teens and has experience and training in play therapy. She also offers workshops for parents and spouses interested in improving family communication and connectedness.

    Kathleen integrates Christian principles and psychotherapy for clients seeking this approach. She has worked with clients with issues of aging, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, anger, sleep problems, and domestic violence. She has facilitated groups through WinterSpring Center, a grief and loss support network. Laura uses a psychodynamic perspective to help people gain freedom from their past trauma and wounds.

    She then earned her Masters degree from George Fox University. In these settings, she has worked with incarcerated young and adult men, survivors of sex trafficking, school-age students, and adult men and women who have endured past and current trauma. Mollie blends the use of Psychodynamic Theory, Object Relations Theory, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy tools, and Mindfulness to individualize goals for each individual.

    Eagle Point, Oregon He served as a pastor for 34 years, and is currently serving 5 businesses as a Workplace Chaplain in the Rogue Valley. He received his B.

    5 Minute Therapy Tips - Episode 18: Couples Therapy

    He has counseled in various settings as a pastor, police chaplain, hospice chaplain, and as a Military Family Life Counselor on military bases in America and abroad. He has an extensive background in marriage and family issues, and enjoys working with individuals, couples, families and teens. He specializes in adjustment to change, grief and loss, challenges in relationships, marriage and pre-marriage, parenting and family, career and work related issues, and spirituality.

    She enjoys working with people of all ages. Expressive arts provides a unique way of expression that speaks where words may fail.