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No permit or license is required to own or buy a handgun or long gun in Louisiana. Those with felony convictions on their criminal records can expect discrimination in many areas of life, from employment to adoption, professional licensure to housing. Felons are unlikely to be approved for international travel visas, for entry into the military, or for employment in schools or prisons. Gun ownership is prohibited for felons, but others with lesser convictions misdemeanors are likely to be approved by law enforcement for a concealed carry permit as the state has minimal gun laws. An official Louisiana background check that includes a criminal history will include only convictions, pleas of guilty or nolo contendere, and convictions that have been set aside or dismissed.


A fingerprint-based background check will include additional information, but is only available to listed agencies and law enforcement. Criminal records are not public in Louisiana. Criminal records retained by the Louisiana State Police are only available to recognized agencies. Employment checks will provide evidence of criminal history, but not criminal documents.

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Some criminal records may be eligible for expungement, or clearing, under state law. This hides charges and convictions on your record from most employers and other interested parties but they will still be visible to law enforcement and court personnel.

Follow instructions on this site to make an expungement request. Court records are public information in Louisiana. Louisiana does not allow online searches for court records.

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Unofficial background checks for court records will require contacting the relevant court and requesting access to the information. Incorrect information on a Louisiana background check will be handled by the Louisiana State Police. Background Check in Louisiana Sophie Wright. Louisiana Background Check An official background check in Louisiana is used by law enforcement, social services, and employers. The Louisiana Public Records Act and the Louisiana Open Meetings Law ensure that documents created by government agencies and their affiliates are accessible to members of the public.

The law establishes the responsibilities of various Louisiana agencies to retain records and make them available.

The laws also establish which records will be kept confidential and which will be available to only specific agencies. Employers in Louisiana are not prevented from using background checks for employment purposes. Louisiana follows federal laws for background check use by employers.

Louisiana Data Repository The Louisiana State Police are responsible for maintaining the state criminal record repository. Employers seeking criminal history information online will receive one of four responses: No record, positive criminal record, delayed due to error, or fingerprints required for verification.

Louisiana Background Check Laws

Firearm Background Checks Louisiana. Louisiana will conduct an FBI National Criminal Information System fingerprint search for firearms sales that originate through a federally licensed firearms dealer. Private sales are not restricted and do not require a background check. Louisiana is a shall issue state and applicants will need to undergo an FBI background check and pass a safety course.

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Criminal Laws and Statistics in Louisiana. In , Louisiana had the highest per capita murder rate of all 50 states at Of its cities, New Orleans had For children especially, Louisiana ranks poorly: it has the third-worst rate of youth homicide and suicide with More than twenty percent of Louisiana students did not complete high school in four years. Importance of Louisiana Rap Sheet.

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Jobs in the financial industry, prisons, and other sensitive occupations or positions of authority may also require a background check. Review yours for accuracy by requesting a copy here. The Incarceration Rate in Louisiana. Along with high crime, Louisiana also has a rate of incarceration much higher than any other state — or any country, as it has since Recent efforts by lawmakers to reform the criminal justice system include improving access to education for ex-convicts. Louisiana became the first state to prohibit public colleges from asking applicants about their criminal history, with some exceptions.

Driving Records. See the statute here for more information. Use of Social Media Password Information An employer shall not request or require an employee or applicant for employment to disclose any username, password, or other authentication information that allows access to the employee's or applicant's personal online account.

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