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The Clark County Detention Center is equipped with TTY machines to accommodate hearing impairment, and a telephone interpretation service is available to assist non-English speakers. Visit the Clark County Detention Center's webpage on phoning guidelines. Most inmates are allowed only one 1 visit a week, and maximum custody inmates are allowed only one 1 visit every two weeks.

Inmates pending disciplinary sanctions for rule violations get no visits until their rule violation is resolved. Visitors are permitted to register during the hours of:. It is required that people make an appointment before they are allowed to visit. CCDC visiting hours are:.

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Note that the end time of each session is when all visits must be completed. Visitors under eighteen years old have to be accompanied by an adult. Visitors thirteen years old and younger do not need identification. Also note that no more than three 3 people may visit at one time. Anyone older than one 1 year old qualifies as a visitor. Visitors may not use cell phones during visits. Beware that visitors go through metal detectors and that the jail may check visitors for any outstanding warrants.

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  • For information about arrest warrants in Nevada, see our article on arrest warrants in Nevada. The jail provides lockers to store personal belongings. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the lobby. Visitors may not bring gifts to a person in custody. In order for you to visit a person in custody at the Clark County Detention Center, the visitor must abide by a conservative dress code:. Persons in custody at the Las Vegas Jail are never allowed in the same room with their visitors. Instead, the lobby of the Clark County Detention Center contains several booths where the visitor may communicate with the person in custody over close-captioned video for up to fifty 50 minutes.

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    Unfortunately, these booths are wide open, so anyone in the lobby may overhear the visitor's side of the conversation. Only attorneys on official business may meet with persons in custody in private rooms. Beware that these video conversations may be monitored, so be careful not to reveal anything that may be construed as incriminating. Visit the Clark County Detention Center's webpage on visiting guidelines.

    All incoming mail is searched for drugs and other impermissible items prior to delivery. The only incoming mail which is not searched is correspondence from the inmate's attorney, and it must be clearly marked "legal mail. Packages will be returned unless the sender receives prior approval from the Bureau Lieutenant.

    Call to contact the Bureau Lieutenant. Publishers and commercial dealers may send magazines, periodicals, soft-covered books and newspapers for distribution to all inmates at the Clark County Detention Center as long as the items are clearly identified. Persons in custody may receive books but only if they are soft-covered books and they are mailed directly from publishers and commercial dealers.

    Visit the Clark County Detention Center's webpage on mailing guidelines. Every inmate at the Las Vegas Jail has a trust account where funds may be kept in their name. They usually use the money on their books to buy items through the jail's commissary. Note that fees do apply:. Bring the cash to the jail's kiosk at S. Casino Center Blvd. Transactions usually post within 15 minutes but can take a whole day. Money orders are posted within one business day except for weekends and holidays.

    They may be sent through the mail to:. People may not send personal checks, cashier's checks, and checks issued from businesses. CCDC inmates in permanent housing may not release funds in their account to an individual or private party.

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    However, they may release funds to a business or legal entity. Meanwhile, CCDC inmates in booking may release funds from their accounts to an outside person, business, or legal entity. All money releases to an outside person have to be held for 24 hours before the funds are released. The person receiving the funds must show the jail a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Visit the Clark County Detention Center's webpage on transferring funds. The Las Vegas Jail has a commissary, which is a general store where persons in custody may buy items through a catalog.

    The commissary makes a delivery once a week, depending on where the inmate is housed:. Goods available from the commissary at the Clark County Detention Center are subject to change. They usually include an assortment of snack foods, toiletries, reading materials, and stationery. Visit the Clark County Detention Center's webpage on commissary privileges. Bail may be posted by the inmate upon booking or by family members, friends or representatives.

    Bail may come from personal funds or a bail bonds agency. The procedure for paying bail differs depending on whether the person in custody's case is in Las Vegas Justice Court or in Clark County District Court. Visit the Clark County Detention Center's webpage on bailing procedures. For more information, contact Pre Trial Services Las Vegas jail officials in the Clark County Detention Center provide constant supervision and weapons monitoring.

    Staff is unarmed, but they do carry pepper spray. Surveillance cameras monitor every jail room except the showers and single-person cells. The easiest way to find someone who is in prison is to visit the website Vine. VINE is a website that lets victims of crime and other concerned citizens access information about offenders.

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    The service is available via the website, a mobile app, and a toll-free number. Victims can register to receive alerts about inmate status changes via phone, email, and text. To do a search, visit the website and select the appropriate state from the drop-down menu.

    From there, you can either search a statewide database of inmates, or drill-down into county databases, where available. From there, you can find a specific offender, edit your registration details, or access additional resources.

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    Alternatively, you can enter their inmate ID number, if you have it. This search tool allows you to search a database of federal inmates who were incarcerated from to present. This search provides the details on such things as the type of prison and the security e. The Federal Bureau of Prisons was established in to:. According to its official web site, the Federal Bureau of Prisons consists of more than prison institutions, six regional offices, its headquarters office in Washington D. These numbers change each year due to prison openings and closings, so check the official website for the most up to date numbers.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the custody and care of over , federal offenders in the federal prison system. Approximately 85 percent of these federal inmates are physically confined in correctional facilities or detention centers operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The remainder of the inmates are confined through agreements with state and local governments or through contracts with privately-operated community corrections centers, detention centers, prisons, and juvenile facilities.

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons is also responsible for carrying out all judicially mandated federal executions other than those carried out under military law in the United States and maintains the federal lethal injection chamber in Terre Haute, Indiana. Search for criminal records, arrest records, bankruptcies and more. In addition, you can find people using address, phone number and email search. BeenVerified offers an easy and affordable way to run a background check.

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    The Bureau provides data and research on state and federal prisoners, jail populations, probation, and administrative data on jail facilities and staff. Private investigators and law enforcement officer should be familiar with prisons. In some cases, people will hire a PI to help find someone who is in prison.

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