How is a search warrant obtained

Expecting the Unexpected: How to Prepare for, Respond to, and Survive a Search Warrant

The AFP Executing Officer will determine the number of agency representatives required to execute the search warrant. Execution of the search warrant will be in accordance with normal AFP procedures.

What is a search warrant?

There is no legal requirement for Constables Assisting to be identified to the occupier of the premises. However, if the Executing Officer believes it is appropriate to identify other members of the search team they should do so. The AFP Executing Officer must ensure that all personnel involved in the execution process, including agency representatives, are appropriately trained and properly briefed on the task to be undertaken.

The agency case officer who swore the affidavit for the warrant must be present during the search warrant execution.

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It is essential that continuity of possession and protection of seized material is safeguarded at all times in respect to seizures made under warrant. Upon completion of the execution of a search warrant, the AFP will transfer possession of the seized items to the agency in accordance with section 3ZQU of the Act.

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The AFP will generally retain currency, firearms, drugs or hazardous items. Upon transfer of possession, the agency is legally responsible for the control, storage, security and disposal of the seized items in accordance with AGIS and any agency handling procedures. The agency is responsible for ensuring that all seized material in its possession is maintained in original condition and used for the purposes of criminal proceedings or any other lawful purpose set out in section 3ZQU of the Act.

In accordance with AGIS, the agency must have a nominated Exhibit Registrar and written procedures detailing the handling of all seized material, including property seizure records, and the storage and disposal of exhibits. There should also be written procedures addressing the audit of the exhibit registry. In exceptional circumstances, the agency can request the AFP retain possession of the seized material. If this occurs, the agency should provide advance notice of at least 21 days, where practicable, of the seizure being required in court as evidence. Where the agency has retained possession of seized material, the agency is responsible for the final disposal of the material in accordance with any court order, relevant legislation and agency exhibit handling guidelines.

This is accomplished by the police providing their own signed and sworn affidavit, which includes evidence justifying their application to the judge for the warrant. See, Carroll. Under Article The Search Warrant Affidavit must be attested to by the police officer who provides his or her sworn signature affirming its truth and veracity. A law enforcement officer must swear to it under oath. See Article If the police officer is dishonest, exaggerates, or optimistically assumes things in the sworn affidavit, then the search is illegal even if the judge signs the warrant.

Suppression therefore remains an appropriate remedy if the magistrate or judge in issuing a warrant was misled by information in an affidavit that the affiant knew was false or would have known was false except for his reckless disregard of the truth. For more on Franks Hearings, see below.

When Officers Have to Get Search Warrants

Reviewing the Affidavit that supported the application for a search warrant to be issued requires the defense lawyer to consider every single statement within it. One focus: was there really probable cause to allow for the search? Illinois v.

However, the Search Warrant Affidavit must have substance. Hespeth v. If the prosecution can defend the granting of the search warrant by demonstrating that the judge had a substantial basis for concluding probable cause existed, then the defense challenge will fail. Was the Search Warrant timely? Was the place to be searched identified with particularity? Time is very important when considering the validity of a search warrant. The police must show that the things they seek to seize — the object of the search — is likely to be on the premises or property at the very moment that they are asking for the warrant allowing them to do a search.

Peltier v. One example of where time must be carefully considered in a search warrant is when an anonymous tip has spurred the police into action. Schmidt v. State, S.

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The argument is that the affidavit is untimely because it cannot justify the conclusion that the property that is the object of the search will be on the property at the time the warrant is signed by the judge. Another defense argument against the search can be based upon how the premises are referenced in the documentation supporting the search. The language of the Fourth Amendment demands that the search warrant be specific as to the place being searched emphasis added :.

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If the Search Warrant Affidavit fails to include statements defining the place to be searched, then it is invalid on its face. However, this is not the usual objection to a Search Warrant Affidavit based on place. A search warrant affidavit must be able to provide the location of the property to be searched and to distinguish it from other places in the community. If the search warrant fails to properly describe the place to be searched, then it can be found insufficient and the search deemed illegal. Etchieson v. If the affidavit gives the wrong address, or the right address but the wrong apartment number, then the defense may successfully challenge the search and suppress the evidence that was seized.

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Moreover, he must consider those statements within the Search Warrant Affidavit in a commonsense and realistic manner. When the defense challenges a Search Warrant Affidavit, the issue will be whether or not probable cause can be found to exist from looking at only its four corners, including any reasonable inferences that can be made from the facts and circumstances described within it. At a Franks hearing, the defendant first presents a preliminary demonstration that the Search Warrant Affidavit contains a false statement:. The defense has to do this with specific evidence of its own, to counter what was stated in the affidavit.

The burden of proof is by a preponderance of the evidence. The defense must then demonstrate these false statements are necessary to the finding of probable cause that justified the search. This is done by showing once these falsehoods are excluded there is not enough left in the Affidavit to support a search warrant being issued.

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  6. Unless the prosecution can demonstrate the Search Warrant Affidavit, on its four corners, can still establish probable cause for a search without consideration of the falsehoods, the defense will prevail and the search will be found illegal with the seized evidence suppressed and excluded.