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Note: Will My Phone Work assumes that your device is unlocked or allowed to be run on the desired mobile network. Certain carriers such as Verizon USA have an "approved list" of devices.

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This means that although the phone is compatible with the carrier's network frequencies, the device is blocked. Device is compatible with the network carrier.

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Device is compatible with some of the network carriers frequencies. It may work. Device is not compatible with the network carrier. Will My Phone Work. Follow Us. Device Brand not listed? Need help finding your Model? Take a snapshot of the screen and send it to your friends. Then tap on the image to edit or share it. Tap on the image to edit or share it.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Then go to the Control Center and press the Record button. Find People and Places in Your Photo Collection Fast Some of us have so many pictures on our phones and in the cloud that it can be daunting to find a favorite shot from a few years back.

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But every time you snap a photo, your phone records the time and place. Magnify Small Type Need a little help reading that tiny type on the prescription label? On older models, press the Home button three times to activate the feature inside the camera app.

On new iPhones, use the Side button. To activate, open the camera app and tap the screen three times. Now, hold your finger to start the phone vibrating and release it when you want a pause. Save and name the vibration. To assign it to a specific person, find them in your contact book and open their profile. Schedule Text Messages How do you say good morning to an early bird? Good night to a night owl? With a well-timed text message, of course.

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Samsung phones let you compose and schedule one in advance. Some models now have tools to help you monitor your digital distraction.

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  7. Share Your Exact Location in a Text Message Send a map of your location by text so that friends can easily find you in an unfamiliar place. When the keyboard turns gray, it functions as a trackpad, letting you easily move the cursor within the text. When you point the camera at the object you wish to measure, it will appear on the screen behind a floating gold dot. The Level function lets you straighten pictures using a digital interface on the phone. I write about all things "cyber" and your right to privacy.

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