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The needs and expectations of parents and students will, of course, vary depending on the age of the children, but be aware that students will benefit greatly from experiencing a variety of dance styles and teachers, and opportunities to perform in different environments, and so ideally will not be locked into one particular style. Some studios place great importance on examinations or participation in high-pressure competitions and performance programs these may also cost lots of additional dollars! Performing can be a valuable and joyful learning experience, and exams or competitions can be stimulating and motivating, but they can also raise unrealistic expectations.

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Consider how your child might respond to these pressures. Extremely competitive environments run the risk of comparing students rather than celebrating individuality, unique skills, different body types, creativity, musicality, etc. Young students pick up both good and poor attitudes and technique from their teachers. A well-managed school will keep parents and students informed about fees, events, student progress, etc.

Ask the teacher plenty of questions and try to get testimonials or recommendations from other parents or professionals.

What experience and qualifications does the dance teacher have?

For local information about studios and services, you need to contact your state or territory Ausdance. We devised this code with leading representatives of Australia's studio teachers. It will help teachers understand the ethical standards expected of dance teachers by the dance profession. The code of behaviour for parents is intended to support you to reassure your child that dance is for enjoyment and that they are loved for themselves rather than for their achievements.

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Whether you want to learn about Latin dance, swing dance, hip hop dance, or belly dancing, you should give this site a visit. They include styles like:. This website hosts online dance classes for adult beginners. There are also useful sections just for dance teachers , wedding dance tips, and information on improving your dance posture and preparing for dance auditions. Dance plug has lots of online dance classes and choreography video tutorials. If there are any particular dance styles you want to learn, you can find specialised websites, too. When you want to learn to dance, you could always download an application onto your smartphone or tablet.

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There are literally thousands of them…. There are plenty of places you can find dance resources. Source: tazzanderson. Learning to dance salsa in virtual reality is also an interesting possibility for those wanting to learn how to dance salsa. The famous dance game is available on almost every console. The idea is simple: follow the dance moves of both current hits and timeless classics. The version came with over 40 songs as well as tutorials on how to learn the moves.

Perfectionists will probably master the moves like a pro quite quickly and learn them off by heart. After all, Just Dance is just a game. Source: StockSnap.

Dance Instructors share their 5 tips on what to do once your child shows interest in dance classes

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