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How to Clear a Warrant with Our ‘Pay and Go’ Service in Palm Beach County

We can help you determine whether the warrant actual exists and the amount of bond attached to the warrant, if any. We can contact law enforcement on your behalf to help you invoke your right to remain silent. We can negotiate your surrender so that things go smoothly and safely for you and anyone else involved.

We work hard to help our clients resolve an outstanding capius, arrest warrant, bench warrant, failure to appear warrant, or fugitive warrant. We are also experienced in helping when an interstate hold between counties is served or when the person is awaiting extradition back to Florida.

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In many cases, the criminal charges begin with a person being notified by law enforcement that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. After an interrogation, the officer will then serve the warrant.

Any statements made will be used against the person accused. Once you know that law enforcement has begun a criminal investigation and that you are suspected of wrongdoing, never make a statement that might incriminate you.

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One of our attorneys can contact law enforcement to find out what the warrant is for and the bond amount on the warrant. Law Enforcement Sites.

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