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Henry, Louisville, as. State Commiss. The grade and drain con-6f Joe Ryan of Murray in his place j struction is to be completed this year was announced at Governor's office todav Suicide ftote Found San Francisco, Calif. They 1 were found after she, her mother and I her two children died of poison yesterday. The William Howard Taft Highway. The Danville Club, W. The plan to complete the gap between Jamestown and Albany in the proposed William Howard Taft Highway was given added impetus and the whole proposuon will soon be before the Highway Commissioners at Frankfort.

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The Hon. Work is" to be started, soon on the grade and drain construction on that horrible stretch of road between Ca-least and Paint Lick. It is highly gratifying that after years of delay this important road is to be improv ed.

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Bad omdition of this road for the past five years has virtually elimi - nated travel over this' road by all except those who could hot avaid it A splendid section of Madison county has all but been isolated from the county seat Many residents of this county who would prefer to shop in - tueamma - - - W" - W.! The commercial loss to Richmond as are-sult has been , considerable, proving again that bad roads are indeed expensive.. There is extensive approval of the sustained effort that has finally cleared the way for issuance of a Work order to the con-.

The plan of the fiscal court and highway commission is to surface the road next year. There is every indication now that concrete may be put' on the grade that is to be laid soon..

This road will cpn- ,v 'A German steamship General Ozo-rio. High winds and -heavy sea made the task of transferring the human cargo a difficult one.

The rescue ship immediately beaded for Rio de Janeiro, wih its cargo of rescued. New members are uniting with the movement unsolicited but upon their voluntary initiative, every day. The following have become members the past few days:. Falli W. Fox Julian Gentry Dr. John B. John W. Rawllngs F. Caldwell "I". Highway tfo. Traffic: from Irvine, Beattyville and beyond destined for Louisville will come thru Richmond despite the new Irvine outlet thru the road to Win- I Chester which is unimneded bv toll ' bridges.

We anticipate a large volume of traffic will develop on this roai brmema Into Richmond add'. The county road by way ;Sf Kirksville is in good condition, makes ft possible for traffic from Paini LKft" to reach Richmond over a road that j is improved and along a route fhaf j si not much greater distance.

In fact I the ma - portion of the traffic reach; ine Richmond from this section : f the cou-rty how ' arrives over " "the " Kirkrville route.. After the grade and drain hag been completed the road wil'.

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