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Press a quick key, such as Enter or the semicolon. The address displays in the recipient field. Adding Attachments You can attach any file on your file system that you can find using Browse. Add an Attachment to a Message You can attach documents, spreadsheets, pictures, slide shows, and other types of files to an email message.

Compose the email message. Below the Subject field, click Attach and select My Computer. Select the files and click Open.

TELUS Webmail help - Composing and sending email

The file names displays below the Subject text box. Click Send to send the message and the attachments. Add Attachments Using Drag and Drop You can easily add an attachment to an email message by dragging the file from a folder into your email. Select one or more files and hold down the cursor on the file s to be attached. Drag the files to the message header area and release the cursor.

The file names are displayed in the header. Removing an Attachment To remove an attachment, click the x in the attachment bubble. Using Signatures Automatically You can include an automatic signature at the end of an email. In the Name text box, type a descriptive name to identify the signature.

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You can create multiple signatures, so using an identifiable name here is helpful. In the text box, type the signature text as you want it to appear. In the Using Signatures section, select the default signature from the drop down menu to use with messages sent from your various accounts. Select the placement of your signature in a message. Select Above included messages to add your signature at the end of your reply and before the included messages. Select Below included messages to add your signature at the end of the message. Click Save. Save a Message as a Draft You can save a message to finish and send later.

Click Save Draft. The message is saved in the Drafts folder. Spell Check a Message You can use the spell check feature at any time to check your spelling. On the toolbar, click the Abc link. Words in the email message that are unknown to the spell checker are highlighted. Right-click on a highlighted word. You can embed a picture in a message so that it appears without the recipient having to open the message.

If you haven't created a signature, see Create and add an email signature in Outlook Web App. You can choose to manually add your signature or to automatically add it to all messages or to individual messages.

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Sometimes you need to be able to view a message in a separate window. When you delete a message, it's sent to the Deleted Items folder. Messages in the Deleted Items folder might be permanently deleted by an automated policy set by the administrator for your organization, by you selecting them while in the folder and deleting them, or by you emptying the Deleted Items folder. For information about recovering deleted messages, see Recover deleted items or email in Outlook Web App. Choose OK to confirm that you want to permanently delete the items. When you open Mail, the message list is in the center pane, flanked on the left by the Folder list, and on the right by the reading pane.

By default, the message list shows the messages in your Inbox, the current folder. This default setting doesn't limit you to which messages are displayed. You can manage the displayed messages by choosing a filter or by using search. There also are other tools available with the message list to let you take care of some tasks.

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  7. Choose any folder in the list to view its contents. Choose icons at the right of the message list to delete a message or conversation or to add a flag. Other icons show you which messages have attachments, importance of high or low , and how many unread items there are in a conversation. Right-click a message to see a menu of options. There are options such as mark a message as read or unread, move it to another folder, or create a rule based on that message.

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    On a touch screen, use tap and hold to view the message options. Choose to the left of a message to expand a conversation to see all messages in that conversation. Use the label at the top of the message list to switch between viewing Conversations by date and Items by date. The reading pane is where messages are displayed. You can read and respond to a message in the reading pane. Or, you can open a message in a separate new window.

    To respond to a message, choose Reply , Reply all , or Forward at the top of a message.

    A new message appears in the reading pane at the top of the message. To change the read status of a message, use Mark as read or Mark as unread.

    Composing and sending email

    To view more options, choose More actions for an extended menu. Choose OK to save your selection and to close Display settings. To search, in the Search box start typing what you want to look for. A list of suggestions appears underneath, and you can select one of those suggestions to search for that item. Or you can finish entering your own search text and then press Enter to start your search. To clear your search, choose the icon at the right of the search box.

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    The built-in filters—All, Unread, To me, and Flagged—are a way to quickly choose what to display in the message list. The Folders list shows the default folders that are created for all mailboxes and any folder that you create. Depending on the setup in your organization, you might also see Favorites and Archive folders. You can choose Expand to show the Folders list, or choose Collapse to hide it.

    Click Edit. Enter the change you want to make. AOL Mail is supported by the paid ads we show. All ads can be removed by purchasing Ad Free Mail. AOL Help. Update AOL Mail settings. Where can I find each setting? Take control of your inbox by keeping your spam list up to date.

    Filters can be deleted by clicking the X next to "Edit.