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Tax liens are not affected by transferring or selling the property, or even filing for bankruptcy. Property tax delinquency can result in additional fees and interest, which are also attached to the property title. In cases of extreme property tax delinquency, the Colbert County Tax Board may seize the delinquent property and offer it for sale at a public tax foreclosure auction , often at a price well under market value.

Proceeds of the sale first go to pay the property's tax lien, and additional proceeds may be remitted to the original owner. For properties considered the primary residence of the taxpayer, a homestead exemption may exist. The Colbert County Homestead Exemption can reduce the appraised valuation of a primary residence before calculating the property tax owed, resulting in a lower annual property tax rate for owner-occupied homes. Getting a Homestead Exemption may also help protect your home from being repossessed in the case of a property tax lien due to unpaid Colbert County property taxes or other types of other debt.

In most counties, you must specifically submit a homestead exemption application to your county tax assessor in order to enjoy the tax reduction and other benefits available. You can also ask about other exemptions that may exist for veterans, seniors, low-income families, or property used for certain purposes such as farmland or open space. Alabama may also let you deduct some or all of your Colbert County property taxes on your Alabama income tax return.

Start filing your tax return now There are days left until taxes are due. Try our FREE income tax calculator. Lowest Property Tax.

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Colbert County Property Taxes. Property Tax Estimator.

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The Industrial Development Grant Program provides grants to counties, municipalities, local industrial development boards or authorities or economic development councils or authorities, airport authorities, port authorities or public corporations or political subdivisions, departments or agencies of this state authorized to own or possess by lease a project site. In order to be eligible for an Industrial Development Grant, the grantee must hold title to the project site that the qualifying project will occupy. Funds may be used for site preparation to attract a new industry or to assist an existing company with an expansion.

The size of the grant depends upon the amount of capital investment. Alabama Act No. Industrial access funds are intended to provide adequate public access to new or expanding distribution, manufacturing and industrial firms. The industry must be committed to new investment and the creation of new jobs.

The new access must be on public right of way for public use state, city or county and the project sponsor city or county must maintain the completed facility unless the facility consists of turn lanes, crossovers, etc.

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Industrial access funds are limited to construction, construction engineering and inspection costs. The project sponsor is responsible for all preliminary engineering, right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation costs. USDA Rural Development offers a variety of loan, grant, and loan guarantee programs, plus technical assistance in the areas of business and industry, cooperative development, rural housing, community facilities, water and waste disposal, and telecommunications, including distance learning and telemedicine. Program grants are awarded to state and local agencies and governmental entities such as economic development authorities , local governing boards such as county councils , and nonprofit organizations such as schools and organizations that build low-cost housing.

Contracts are awarded for research on topics that directly impact economic development in the Appalachian Region. The goal of the ARC program is to create opportunities for self-sustaining economic development and improved quality of life. All projects must meet one of the following goals established by ARC:.

Allowable expenditures for loan funds include equipment and equipment installation labor costs for energy efficient fixtures and retrofits and renewable energy systems. Funding from the program is for retrofits of existing properties and not for new construction. The Alabama Certifies Capital Company program, commonly referred to as CAPCO, is bringing new investment, jobs and opportunity to small businesses and communities across the state.

Businesses that request CAPCO investment funding must meet certain criteria and requirements set by the Alabama Department of Commerce, which administers the program. CAPCO financing, an alternative to conventional bank financing, can accommodate a slightly higher risk profile and provide a more flexible structure for growing businesses. Alabama companies being considered for CAPCO financing must meet the eligibility requirements established by the State listed below:.

Taxable IRBs have an interest rate equal to conventional loans and have no limit. The principal and interest on the bonds are paid solely from the funds derived from leasing or selling the facilities to the user company. Under most circumstances, upon complete payment of the bond issue, the lessee or user company acquires ownership of the industrial facility for a nominal sum. The program targets small to medium sized businesses and small manufacturing companies.

Revolving Loan Funds RLF can be used to purchase land or buildings, construct or renovate buildings, purchase equipment and machinery, or provide working capital. On September 27, , President Obama signed into law the Small Business Jobs Act of to help increase credit availability for small businesses.

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The State Loan Guarantee Program is designed to enable leaders to make term loans or provide lines of credit to new or existing small businesses. The State guarantee will be for 50 percent of the principal value of the loan, and the State will share equally with the lender in losses resulting from loan defaults. The lender will pay a loan guarantee fee of 1 percent on the guaranteed portion of the loan. SBA loan programs provide commercial lenders with the opportunity to offer loans to small businesses that might not otherwise be made.

The SBA works with the commercial lender by providing a guaranty to the lender up to the percentage guaranteed by the SBA.

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  • The borrower is still responsible for repaying the full amount due. TVA offers a unique range of economic incentives that will benefit a project from start-up to long-term success in the Shoals. The Investment Credit is an economic development incentive program jointly offered by TVA and participating local power companies.

    Awards are applied as a credit to monthly power bills. Most companies can expect a percent savings annually over a five-year period. Award amounts are paid directly to the company and are flexible for approved purposes.

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    Funding amounts are based upon the five-year economic impact of the project and made at the discretion of TVA Economic Development. Financing is available for companies from TVA Loan Funds to stimulate job growth and leverage capital investment.

    TVA seeks to fill a funding gap or lower interest costs of project funding, thereby enhancing the opportunity for success. Loan terms may be from five to 20 years based on collateral. The Security Deposit Coverage program gives qualifying businesses an alternative to tying up valuable capital as they located or expand in the TVA region. It is available to new or expanding commercial and industrial electric customers through a partnership between TVA and participating local power companies.

    The program allows the waiver of electric utility deposits to qualifying customers for a limited term, and the application process is simple and quick. This aggressive financial mechanism is used for delivering inducements that allow innovative strategies that can reduce up-front private investment risks. Reimbursement is calculated by an economic impact analysis based on the total capital expenditures and job creation.

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    • The purpose of the program is to encourage full-time employment growth through a streamlined process that provides assistance to eligible applicants offering new employment opportunities for Shoals citizens. Sustainable manufacturing jobs and investment directly translate into the growth of retail and service opportunities throughout the area. If the applicant should employ a FTE with a job classification s different from an approved job classification identified on the application and desires to request payment for this FTE, the job classification should have a comparable or higher wage rate than the job classification identified and approved by SEDA.

      The applicant's base employment level will be set at time of application; the company cannot have had a reduction in FTEs during the three 3 months immediately prior to the date of application. Inducement payment s may be requested after a new FTE has been on payroll for six 6 consecutive months.