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Mine finally agreed once I started coming home and excitingly shared what I learned. My husband and I also took a live conference call course designed for caregivers of family members with BPD that is offered through NEA. Both are highly recommended. I feel your pain and frustration and encourage you not to give up. There is good help out there. The three of you can and will survive this awful brain disease.

We are living proof of it. Sara Maginn I am a mother of a almost 24 year old daughter. She has been tossed back and forth , side to side and up and down with various diagnosis's. It is definitely a mood, personality and focus disorder but no one will officially pin it down because my daughter wont let them.

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She has no filter in her brain. Processing information from brain to mouth is all one action. You never know what will come out of her mouth frpm one minute to the next. I am near the edge myself and no positive supports for her but for ME too. Lack of knowledge as I see it.

I Fully Integrated- DID/Multiple Personality Disorder

Please send me a the "good word" for the day. Bre My 16 year old daughter has BPD. We struggled for years before finally getting the right combination of medications, equestrian riding therapy, and DBT. No self harm in 6 months, no hospital, and 90's in school. There is a light in the tunnel. Both really wonderful resources. Carol I have a 34 year old daughter who was diagnosed with BPD 2 years ago.

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However, she has lived with this awful illness since she was about 14 years old. However, she is now no longer able to work because of the anxiety, ptsd, alcohol abuse and eating disorder she suffers from. I don't know how to help her. I am at a loss as to what to do or say to her. She sometimes refuses to see her therapist because she's so tired. It seems to be getting worse and my fear is she tries another attempt on her life..

Cathleen As an individual diagnosed with BPD many years ago and in recovery ever since, I am thrilled and so appreciative of seeing this blog! NAMI is such a leader in the mental health community and reaches a lot of people. Kudos to NAMI! Also, what was especially helpful for me was my husband taking the week course called "Family Connections" for those with a friend or relative with BPD even though I was angry about it at the time.

Borderline Personality Disorder Recovery and Remission

Because it worked! For course information, see: www. We took classes at NAMI and it really helped. But she still is in denial about her diagnosis. She was also diagnosed with Bipolar. At age 20, she began to use drugs and is in recovery for Heroin. I started an organization in in Pittsburgh, Not One More.

We help in any way we can to find support and solutions for those suffering from addiction and the families as well. I believe that many people affected by addiction have undiagnosed or diagnosed mental illness and they try to treat themselves. Also, last year, we started to do research on a medication that I received for early labor while pregnant with my daughter. We started a FB page about this issue as well. It's amazing how many women who took this medicine during their pregnancy have issues with their children. It is still used in China and the Netherlands. We share this info on our page, Not One More Pittsburgh Chapter, hoping to get the word out about these possibilities.

Thankfully, we have several chapters now across the United States to help in some way. My daughter still is in denial and seems to understand what happens when she goes off her medicine but doesn't get that drinking a few beers or smoking some pot affects her. I worry every day for my daughter. O was send to psychiatritic ward a lot due to self harming. I learned skills that I can yse instead of hatming myself.

I'm so grateful I took this class and been helpful. I hsven't cut since I practice the skill but I do need brush up. I had a very good therapist too. There is a book from Marsha Linehan. A workbook for DBT. It's helpful. We have been married for I hear so many caregivers pleading for assistance and training on how to cope, help and heal. One thing is clear to me. A care giver can not be a personal therapist. I can tell my wife something a thousand times and it will go in one ear and out the other. She will hear a therapist of councilor right away. I now suffer from GAD, and require treatment myself.

Ferguson Janice I have a grandson who is a 17 year old teenager who has this disorder and my husband and I don't know what to do next. He has been in hospitals and gong to a therapist since he was 7 but to no avail.

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Rosemarie R I found myself in an emotionally abusive relationship and lacked the coping skills that I needed to see my way out of it. This is a mental health illness that CAN be overcome with knowledge and the right coping skills. Good luck everyone.

Symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder

Stay strong! Ferguson Janice This is a great site.

My husband and I are trying to help our grandson who is a teenager. He is so disrespectful and uses bad language. We are fed up because we are all he has but he does not get it. Cecilia de Sahagun I have a 30 years old daughter she is bipolar and boderline , for 20 years we been living with her up and dawns, until she got pregnant nine years ago, Since my grandson born I been taking care of him like my own child , with his short life he's has been seen the violence of my daughter against us ,her parents.

After so many years of her irrespecful behavior, today we put a invict order. My hard is broken because she took my grandson away from us and she promised us that never going to see him again. I just want to know if we did the correct. But we can't live with this any more, so now we have to live with this empty.

Jem It would be very helpful if some of the drugs used to treat BPD were listed.

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  • Obviously, a psychiatrist has to pick the best one for a particular individual but it still would put us in the ballpark. Also, my son does not want to take any med that can cause weight gain he is 24 or that makes him a "zombie" and changes his personality. Janice Tatosian I am the mother of a daughter who is 30, she has 9 out 9 of the signs.

    She has been labeled bi-polar, then a recent Dr. She is now pregnant with a baby girl and she is worse now then ever I just don't know how to help her; and I fear for her babies life as well as hers I love her so much but this has been such a battle to try and help her.