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The genius of call tracking software is that you can use the data it captures to make future calls and on-site customer journeys even more effective.

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But you can only do that if you have access to proper reporting tools, as well as the ability to track conversion rates and measure ROI. Your company is unique. Your sales team is unique.

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Your call tracking software should be flexible and customizable enough to meet these unique needs. Especially if you plan to use your call tracking software program for sales team development, make sure call recording is in place. This will allow the managers on your team to review past conversations periodically in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Many call tracking software programs either offer their own IVR systems or integrate with others you may already be using.

Website: hubspot. Not only does it given you call tracking and analytics, but you can place calls from your browser without even picking up a phone. One click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your number, and an option to record each call gives you reliable records of your conversations.

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Website: response. Website: activedemand.

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Website: callaction. Like many other platforms featured here, CallAction supports users with inbound call tracking, caller enrichment based on consumer databases, and CRM integration for exporting call data to records. One noteworthy feature, however, is its intelligent SMS automation for responding to missed calls, which makes CallAction a great option for companies with mobile-heavy customer bases or for those that invest in SMS marketing. Website: callfire. Website: callrail. CallRail provides call attribution software to more than , businesses and marketing agencies.

The platform includes robust functionality to easily route and track calls and forms, and integrates with several major marketing and sales platforms. With CallScribe activated, users can quickly review call transcriptions and set specific rules to score or tag a call if certain words were spoken by the agent or customer.

Users can also create custom reports to view calls or forms, and to apply filters such as tags, lead score, campaign, source, keywords, etc. Users who advertise online can use the Multi-Touch Cost per Lead report to see exactly what their leads cost in relation to ad spend, unlocking the data needed to optimize accordingly. Website: callsource. Website: convirza. Website: crazycall. CrazyCall is a cloud-based calling software that allows businesses and sales team to reach their customers and leads with minimum-to-no effort.

Users can track their calls per particular numbers, make use of auto dialer, call recordings, call transfers, live-listening, and more. They can also make single calls, no matter what webpage they are on with Click To Call widget.

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Website: dialogtech. Another program that takes advantage of AI to measure caller intent, lead quality, and conversions, DialogTech boasts proprietary SourceIQ call attribution technology, which makes it easy for companies to personalize call experiences for their users.

When Call Tracking Isn’t Best For Your Company

Lastly, multi-line ringing will route calls to all assigned destinations. When the first agent picks up, the remaining phones will stop ringing. Similarly, priority ringing will forward the call to your destinations in round robin. If the agent does not answer, the call will be routed to the next available destination.

Play a pre-recorder message for your callers to hear before or while the call is connecting. Set this up as part of the ring-back tone that will loop until an agent picks up or as a one-time audio that is followed by the traditional ringtone. Easily tag calls and mark their status by completing a quick survey with your dial-pad once the caller hangs-up. Configure tags from your Activity Page. Receive an E-mail Notifications for your inbound calls.

Setup can be configured so that you are only notified when a call is not answered or a specific condition has been reached. Enable this feature to have the tracking number displayed as the Caller ID instead. Whispers prepare agents on where the call is coming from. Agents hear a custom audio message from calls to each tracking number.

Viewing your call tracking activity in Google Analytics has never been easier. Setup in minutes and begin monitoring which sources are driving the most calls to your business today. Let Google do all the heavy lifting. Call conversions will automatically be attributed to keywords, campaigns or ad groups.

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Sync new phone leads or call activity from existing customers automatically with Hubspot. Call events and all their respective tracking details are captured and stored within the CRM. No more code changes or tedious dev work. More information at WordPress Plugins directory. Use our Zapier app to integrate your nimbata account with thousands of different web-applications.

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Callbright was able to help us become even stronger in what we do! When a call comes in from a Callbright line, the caller's information is instantly populated on the screen. This capability, coupled with the fact that there is no need to switch back and forth between applications, saves my sales guys about 4 hours a day.