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We hope that the information on our site serves your needs. We only issue certificates for individuals who were born in the state of New Mexico. Please see the Vital Records Reference by State to find out where to obtain birth certificates for other states.

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New Mexico birth and death certificates are restricted access records. State law restricts access to the registrant, registrant's immediate family members or those who represent tangible proof of legal interest in the requested record.

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Immediate Family means any of the following: mother, father, sibling, child, grandchild, current spouse, or maternal or paternal grandparent. Paternal grandparent is eligible if father is listed on the vital record.

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Native Americans living on or sometimes near reservations had birth certificates maintained separately during the early 20th century. Contact the Office of Vital Records and Statistics for copies.

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Birth Records. Related subjects: Death records , Family History , Probate records guardianships , Adoptions Contents Pre present. Birth Records, In , the Utah Dept. Office of Vital Records and Statistics Birth certificates Index Series Vital Statistics Section Soundex birth certificate index Online Series Delayed Birth Certificates People found they needed a birth certificate when born before statewide registration, or they did not have their birth registered within the allowed time limit.

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Native American Birth Certificates Native Americans living on or sometimes near reservations had birth certificates maintained separately during the early 20th century. Records may also be obtained through the mail in about days. The Center for Health Statistics does not accept credit cards or online orders directly. However, for your convenience, you can process online requests for Alabama vital records through an independent company, VitalChek Network, Inc.

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Click on the link below to order a birth, death, marriage, or divorce certificate online:. Order a Certificate Online. Keepsake Birth Certificates, intended only for framing and display, may now be ordered from the Center.