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You can only apply for determination of citizenship, again. In other aspects, the procedure will be the same. We cannot double check or pre-approve your application by email. Applications can only be processed with the original documentation during and after your appointment. Yes, read here.

You do not need an appointment for colleting your certificate of citizenship. Proof of payment must be presented upon collection of the certificate of citizenship. All of the above have to show your personal information and the reference number. It is not necessary to email the proof of payment in advance, it must instead be presented upon collection.

Vital Statistics

Children are automatically German by birth if one parent held German citizenship at the time. If you still wish to have a document confirming their citizenship, you can apply for a certificate of citizenship, read here. If the validity of your letter of retention expires before you have obtained the foreign citizenship, you must apply for an extension. More details can be found in the accompanying letter you received together with the letter of retention.

You should keep the letter of retention and your foreign certificate of naturalization secured at a safe place. These two documents in combination are your proof that you are still a German citizen, even though you acquired a foreign nationality. Both must be presented when applying for your next passport.

Changing your name in your South African passport or ID does not have any effect on your name in the German legal sphere. If you got married after , a German name declaration is always necessary if you wish to take your spouse's name. If your child was born after If you did not have a common married name, a German name declaration is necessary. While you can do your declaration at the German Mission abroad, it is forwarded to the competent registry office in Germany.

You can inquire at the registry office, see here. A new certificate can be applied for at the registry office in Germany, see here. For a declaration for a married name, both spouses have to appear in person.

Fact check: Do birth certificates have an expiration date?

For a child's name declaration, both parents and children of 14 years and older must appear in person. All documents must be presented either in the original, or as copies certified by a German authority. Quick check: Does your marriage certificate list the spouses' marital status before marriage and does it bear the stamp from the Department of Home Affairs? If not, then it is not an unabridged marriage certificate.

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We forward your name declaration to the competent registry office in Germany. Once the name has been confirmed, we will inform you by email and continue processing your passport application. The German Missions cannot attest to your marital status. The only form of verification is an Apostil.

There is no additional verification done by the German Missions for German documents that are furnished with an Apostil. Neither can the German Missions verify a document that is not furnished with an Apostil. Please submit your letter of non-impediment furnished with an Apostil to the Department of Home Affairs and, if necessary, refer to the Hague Convention. If you got married abroad and the marriage requirements were met, then your marriage is automatically valid in Germany, regardless of whether you registered it with the registry office.

Were you yourself born outside of Germany after Then you must register your child within one year of birth, Read here. Were you yourself born before A birth registration is voluntary and there is no deadline. Yes, Read here. A German birth certificate is proof of your parentage, your name and date and place of birth. Exception: If a name declaration is necessary, then both parents must appear in person. No, if your child already has a German passport. A person who worked in Germany for a certain amount of time and who paid into the pension fund is eligible for a pension from Germany. Please contact your pension authority in Germany directly, see www.

Yes, you can.

U.S. Passports

Please carefully check the validity of the visa, the permitted number of entries and the maximum duration of stay both are mentioned on your visa sticker. Transit visas are valid only for short stopovers hours in length while you are waiting for your onward flight in the airport's international transit area. Read here for more information.

Your passport must be valid for at least three months upon conclusion of your trip. This must include their name, address and a copy of their passport. Please include your business registration and latest bank statements covering three months time to complete your application. Imagine you are injured during your stay in Germany. Please check carefully whether your medical insurance would cover costs for medical treatment abroad. You will need to submit health insurance documents which reflect coverage during your stay in Europe when applying for the visa.

Please submit your application and all necessary documents listed for the required type of visa. If you attach a copy or certified copy of your unabridged marriage certificate with apostille , your visa will be free of charge. Biometrics are taken from the age of Minor applicants of 12 years and older with previous applications must therefore also appear in person if they have not given biometrics within the last 5 years. Passport FAQs regarding passport applications I cannot book an appointment.

Please book one for me. There is no minimum waiting period. What is a Deregistration of Residence? When and why would I need it? Who is a minor?

To request a Consular Report of Birth Abroad form (FS-240), you must submit:

Children under the age of No, one parent can collect a child's passport. Can I extend the validity of my passport? In principle, German citizens may hold only one German passport. I am a German citizen. One cannot obtain German citizenship by marriage. Please understand the difference between applying for German citizenship and applying for a certificate of German citizenship, read here It is almost impossible to apply for German citizenship while living abroad.

I have misplaced my certificate of German citizenship. How do I get a new one?

Birth certificates no longer required for regular passport renewal, says new DFA order

Yes, read here You do not need an appointment for colleting your certificate of citizenship. Proof of payment: EFT document with original confirmation stamp from your bank bank statements online banking printouts written confirmation of payment issued by your bank All of the above have to show your personal information and the reference number. My German letter of retention is about to expire. What can I do? It should take 2 to 3 weeks to get a Birth Certificate. See all fees for Vital Statistics certificates, licences and services.

A cheque or money order should be made payable to the Minister of Finance. Payment options may vary depending on how you apply.

Start now. Send your completed application, supporting documents and payment by mail or fax. Vital Statistics. Let us know about your experience with this content. Other ways to apply.