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Lively's breakthrough role came in teen drama Gossip Girl , during the filming of which she dated her onscreen boyfriend - life imitating art and all that. She's since appeared in multiple films including an impressive performance in The Shallows and married Ryan Reynolds. A lucky man. She can also crochet , which is nice.

Harry Potter's best friend, millionaire, actor, philanthropist, gender equality advocate and global book club founder cool, hey? The original blonde bombshell, 'B.

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Oscar-winning actress and Harvard University graduate, Natalie Portman is someone with talent to burn who also happens to be one of the great beauties of the modern celebrity era. Oh, and she's also a promising director now. Expect her to cure cancer around A darling of fashion magazines ever since, she is also considered in her home country as " arguably the biggest global star from India. Over the past 5 years Jessica Chastain has quietly established herself as one of the most talented and versatile screen actress working today. We say quietly because - the odd jaw-dropping red carpet appearance aside - she keeps her private life private, preferring to let a growing body of work speak for itself.

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London-born Mathangi Arulpragasam is a creative polymath: rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, director, visual artist, activist, photographer and fashion designer. Oh - and a model. Best known as the original Bond girl having starred alongside Sean Connery in Dr.

15. Jon Hamm

No , Ursula Andress' entrance in that film as cringe 'Honey Ryder the shell diver' was voted 1 'greatest sexy movie moment' in a Channel 4 survey some forty years later. As a result of starring in Dr. No as the first Bond girl, I was given the freedom to take my pick of future roles and to become financially independent," she later said of the white two-piece still etched into the minds of generations of movie-goers.

Starting her career as a model, Monica Belucci moved into acting in the early 90s. You may know her as the star of The Matrix Reloaded , Enter the Matrix or T he Matrix Revolutions - all the Matrix films that aren't The Matrix , basically - or for making rather patronising headlines as 'the oldest ever Bond girl' in 's Spectre. Celebrated musician, businesswoman and activist, in her spare time she makes Jay-Z look like the luckiest man in the world.

Anyway - then came Catwoman and Cloud Atlas and bunch of other crap and now she's perhaps best known as looking better with short hair than any other woman in history. No name is as immediately synonymous with female beauty than Marilyn Monroe, the s screen siren whose glamorous public life obscured an often tragic private life. Despite playing the 'dumb blonde' stereotype demanded by her era, off camera she was integral in building her own star power and in founded her own film production company because she was unhappy with the derisory contract offers from major studios.

They say there is no beauty like a French beauty it's the French who say that, by the way , and in the case of model-turned-actress Marine Vacth they may have a point.

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Many journalists have made fools of themselves over the years trying to capture the essence of Scarlett Johansson's beauty in words, so we won't. What we will venture is that beside the obvious, a lot of it is to with her voice: husky, sardonic and - would you guess it - beautiful when she sings.

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  6. Still too much? OK we'll stop. The only celebrated Australian beauty known in Britain not to have once had a part on Neighbours , Miranda Kerr became at model at 13 and has never looked back, becoming one of the most bankable faces in the world for beauty companies, fashion labels and magazines looking to sell copies including, in , us.

    Anyone who has seen Carey Mulligan's mournful 5 minute-long singing scene in Shame will be left in no doubt she deserves her place on this list. The biggest pop star in the world is, as these things tend to go, also one of the world's most beautiful women. With an output of ridiculous consistency - eight albums in 10 years tell its own story - there's barely a day that goes by the average person in the west doesn't see Rihanna's face somewhere, doing something - usually somewhere and something pretty cool.

    The Italian actress's heaving trophy cabinet includes Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Grammys and - of course - an Oscar, the latter being particularly impressive as it made her the first artist to win one for a performance in a foreign language in for Two Women - remember that for your next pub quiz.

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    Still only 23, Gigi and her sister Bella has already become one of the most successful models in the industry. A glittering career of being hired to sell even more lovely things awaits, and presumably a move into acting at some point. Some things Eva Green is on record saying she likes. Staying at home.

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    Not going to wild parties. Relaxing by a fire with a glass of wine. Collecting preserved skulls and insects. Wait - what? That interest in the macabre is somewhat reflected in the French actress's film record, with stand-out roles in Sin City and several projects with Tim Burton in her back catalogue. His shoe size was a huge 37AA 47 cm long , he had an arm span of 2. Robert's peak daily food consumption was calories - more than three times the amount recommended for average-sized males.

    At the age of nine, he was able to carry his father Harold F.

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    Wadlow d. September later Mayor of Alton, who stood 1. His last words were 'The doctor says I won't get home for the For our 60th anniversary, we looked back over the years at the tallest men, from Robert Wadlow to Sultan Kosen tallest living man at 8ft 3in. In the video below, Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday explains how this category is one of our most iconic, featuring archive footage and interviews with medical experts and celebrities.

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    We also talk to school children who give their take on the challenges faced with being the tallest man in the world. Read more : On This Day in The tallest man ever is measured. We use cookies on this website.